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Verstappen and Red Bull devastate Ferrari's house; Alonso and Sainz KO

The fourth round of the 2022 Formula 1 season promised strong emotions after a sprint race where the winner was decided in the last laps, as Max Verstappen regained the pole position he lost at the start in favor of Charles Leclerc.

The Dutchman came out on Sunday wanting to recover from the bittersweet start of the year, and from the beginning he dominated the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to add the second victory of the course and the second Grand Chelem of his career. The current world champion prevailed with authority in the house of Ferrari, who had to settle for sixth place for Charles Leclerc.

The Monegasque was unable to overtake Sergio Pérez, who took second place and secured Red Bull’s first one-two finish, while Lando Norris quietly climbed onto the podium with a strong performance, keeping his composure throughout.

The one who did not fail was George Russell, who came back to fourth position to continue adding with a W13 that seems to be far from the race pace of the rest. Behind the Mercedes driver finished Valtteri Bottas, who moved away from the incidents and took fifth place, followed by the Monegasque, Yuki Tsunoda and Sebastian Vettel.

Leclerc’s spin made Kevin Magnussen climb a position, but before seeing the checkered flag he saw how the Ferrari driver was able to overtake his car with the effect of DRS. Closing out the points zone was Lance Stroll, who withstood the attacks of the rest in desperate attempts to pass with the mobile wing before reaching Tamburello.

Bad fortune hit the Spaniards, who abandoned in the early stages. In the case of Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren contacted him, causing a spin that left the Ferrari car trapped in the gravel run-off.

Fernando Alonso, for his part, had an incident with Mick Schumacher, who touched the Alpine’s pontoon with his rear wheel. The Asturian, after losing part of the bodywork in the first few laps, was forced to stop in the pits to retire at the place where he won in 2005.

Emilia Romagna 2022 Formula 1 race results at Imola

Cla Pilot laps Weather Difference Interval Points
1 NetherlandsMax Verstappen 63 1:32’07.986     26
two Mexico Sergio Perez 63 1:32’24.513 16,527 16,527 18
3 United KingdomLando Norris 63 1:32’42.820 34.834 18.307 15
4 United KingdomGeorge Russell 63 1:32’50.492 42.506 7.672 12
5 Finland Valtteri Bottas 63 1:32’51.167 43.181 0.675 10
6 MonacoCharles Leclerc 63 1:33’04.058 56.072 12.891 8
7 Japan Yuki Tsunoda 63 63 1: 33’09.096 1’01.110 5.038 6
8 GermanySebastian Vettel 63 1:33’18.878 1’10.892 9.782 4
9 DenmarkKevin Magnussen 63 1:33’23.246 1’15.260 4.368 2
10 CanadaLance Stroll 62 1 lap     1
11 Thailand Alexander Albon 62 1 lap
12 France Pierre Gasly 62 1 lap
13 United KingdomLewis Hamilton 62 1 lap      
14 FranceEsteban Ocon 62 1 lap      
15 China Guanyu Zhou 62 1 lap
16 CanadaNicholas Latifi 62 1 lap      
17 GermanyMick Schumacher 62 1 lap      
18 AustraliaDaniel Ricciardo 62 1 lap      
  SpainFernando Alonso 6        
Spain Carlos Sainz Jr. 0

Emilia Romagna 2022 Formula 1 Race Summary

The drivers arrived cautiously on the starting grid of the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix due to the wet tarmac, so all opted to fit intermediate tyres. As soon as the lights went out, everyone went on the attack at the first Tamburello chicane, some so much so that they ended up out of the race early, like Carlos Sainz , who got stuck in the gravel for the second time in a row .

However, not everything was due to an error by the Madrid native, since Daniel Ricciardo could not avoid contact with the Ferrari. At the front, the Red Bulls took the lead, with Max Verstappen retaining the lead and Sergio Pérez overtaking Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc, while George Russell moved up to 6th place.

This incident caused the safety car to come out, which withdrew from the track on lap 4 and left the way open for everyone to continue, or almost everyone, since Fernando Alonso , who had reached 8th position, began to lose places due to one touch with Mick Schumacher at the start. The German contacted the Alpine with the left rear wheel on the right pontoon of the A522, causing irreparable damage to the Spaniard, for which he was forced to abandon in a double retreat by the Spanish.

The Red Bulls were escaping to the front thanks to the wall that Norris was for Leclerc, but the world leader showed off his skills at the wheel and overtook the Briton before lap 10, when the Austrian team had generated an advantage of more than 6 seconds.

While the leading trio escaped from the midfield, Kevin Magnussen and George Russell got into an all-out fight that was joined by Valtteri Bottas, who wanted to take revenge on the Briton for taking his seat.

The one from Mercedes managed to overtake the Dane from Haas, but the Finn did not have the top speed necessary to overtake, so he took the opportunity before reaching Rivazza to pass, at the same time that they radioed some drivers that it was possible that more drops would fall of water.

Tire play begins (lap 17 of 63)

From lap 17 the tire dance began, as Daniel Ricciardo, who was at the back of the grid, put in a midfield game to be the first to mount dry tires, just as Verstappen was telling his team that the track was drying.

Two laps later, Red Bull took it out on Checo Pérez, who went out on the asphalt with the media, as did Russell, while the reigning world champion and the current world leader continued with the intermediates.

The pit lane was filled with single-seaters and mechanics when they realized that the slicks were faster, and those in the lead went on to respond to the rest. Verstappen and Leclerc repeated the movement of the others, but the Monegasque dried up a game of it, as he passed Pérez in an overcut.

However, the Mexican took advantage of the fact that he had the tires at temperature to return it to the Ferrari driver to get second. Behind, Lewis Hamilton suffered in 14th position, unable to overtake single-seaters like Gasly, Albon or Ocon , with whom he had his pluses and minuses in the pitlane due to an unsafe release by the Frenchman.

An interesting part of the race was in the fight for 9th place, where Yuki Tsunoda was holding off several drivers, unable to overtake the Japanese AlphaTauri because there was only one dry line and the DRS could not be activated.

On lap 28 everyone was surprised to see on the time monitor that Pérez had fallen two seconds and that he had Leclerc in his wake, and that is that the Mexican made a straight in the Variante Alta, which was no big deal.

A quieter half of the race than usual (lap 33 of 63)

With thirty laps still to play, Verstappen increased the lead over his Red Bull teammate, who saw how he was able to keep Charles Leclerc at bay in the same way that Gasly kept Hamilton behind his rear wing. .

The seven-time world champion was stuck in the slipstream of the Frenchman, who could not overcome Alex Albon’s Williams. Verstappen, for his part, did not relent in his efforts to continue increasing the distance, which was already 12 seconds over Pérez, who had also escaped from the world leader.

At lap 41, the hardest moment of the season for Hamilton surely arrived, who saw how the blue flags were waved so that he would let past his rival for the title in the past year. Max Verstappen lapped the Mercedes driver on the finish straight while still unable to get out of that hole of 14th position.

After a few laps, with all the places stabilized, the only interest was to know who would be the last driver to enter the points zone, since Lance Stroll, Esteban Ocon, Alex Albon and Lewis Hamilton were quite close, but nobody could advance .

The one who could pass was Tsunoda who, with the help of the DRS, managed to overtake Kevin Magnussen to climb to 8th position, with Sebastian Vettel and more points on the horizon.

A desperate attempt (lap 50 of 63)

When everything seemed to be sold, Charles Leclerc stopped on lap 50 to put in a set of softs, and lost the place to Norris. However, the Monegasque immediately returned to the podium after overtaking with the DRS on the main straight, and not to take any chances, the two Red Bulls also stopped to fit on soft tyres, thus securing victory and a double at Imola.

The Ferrari driver wanted to push so hard in his pursuit that he made a mistake in the High Variation and touched the wall, forcing him to go through the pits to change the nose of his F1-75. After this, Leclerc fell to 9th position in a day to forget.

A few laps from the end, he continued with his complaint to the team that the car did not feel good, and he could not do anything to prevent the victory of Red Bull and Max Verstappen , who is moving up in the standings and has 59 points in total.

Pérez and Norris accompanied him on the podium, while Russell, Bottas, Leclerc, Tsunoda, Vettel, Magnussen and Stroll closed the points zone.

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