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Verstappen believes Mercedes should not speak for others in F1

Several teams in the 2022 Formula 1 season have been suffering from poising since the start of the campaign due to the return of ground effect with the new regulations. That rebound movement has gone from being a simple curiosity in winter tests to a big problem.

While some teams have been able to eradicate this effect or, at least, keep it under control, Mercedes has been one of the most affected, and before the start of the last Canadian Grand Prix, the FIA took the first steps to alleviate porpoising. .

The international federation intervened, and in a statement they explained that they would change the technical rules for safety reasons. Thus, the governing body indicated that they would try to establish a metric on how much the single-seaters can bounce.

After reigning world champion Max Verstappen disagreed with the mid-season rule change at a press conference in Montreal, Lewis Hamilton said “it’s always interesting to see people’s perspectives and opinions. under different objectives.

“Obviously, for some it is one thing, and for others, a different one,” said the Englishman before stressing the importance of caring for the health and safety of the pilots. The words of the Mercedes man were exposed to the Dutchman, who was his rival for the title in 2021 , and he said that he was not sure if he was referring to him, but he considered that “he was always sincere and direct.”

“They should focus on themselves [Mercedes and Hamilton], and speak their minds,” the Red Bull man said. “So they should speak for themselves instead of involving other people.”

The pair of Mercedes drivers, Hamilton and George Russell, have been two of those who have spoken out the most about the safety problems due to excessive porpoising in these 2022 Formula 1 cars. The youngest of the British, who also is the director of the GPDA (the drivers association) said that those who did not suffer from the rebound were against any change in the regulations “because it would only harm them”, and that it was “a bit embarrassing to see how performance was prioritized over safety”.

For his part, the seven-time champion explained in Canada that he had had headaches due to the movement of his car, while some were undergoing physiotherapy sessions, more than usual, to recover, such as Pierre Gasly.

The FIA’s attempt to investigate bouncing cars was welcomed by the grid, though Russell deemed it “more of a patch” than a real solution , but some drivers have had no problem pointing the finger at the governing body for modifying the rules.

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen were the ones who spoke the clearest, and that is that their teams barely accuse porpoising , so any change would harm them. “We have been working to solve the problems,” said the Ferrari man. “I think that the improvement has been very great, and all that we have done now we throw it away because there is a team that is suffering more than others”.

“It’s my point of view. I understand that Mercedes has it very bad, but I also think there are solutions for this,” said the Maranello team.

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