SportF1Vettel and Hamilton present protest helmets in Canada

Vettel and Hamilton present protest helmets in Canada

The last few weeks have been full of controversy within the paddock, especially due to the division of opinions between the president of the FIA, Mohammed ben Sulayem , and several drivers such as Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, who have taken advantage of their media exposure to send messages that support different social values.

While the chief executive assures that the sport should only be a modality in which one competes, the members of the grid suggest that they are the ones who must make people think in order to change the world and take it towards a better path.

For this reason, these two pilots have presented two completely new and meaningful helmet designs. Sebastian Vettel added a Canadian forest , in addition to several inscriptions against climate change, while Lewis Hamilton wore a helmet in support of the LGTBIQ + collective .

Sebastian Vettel’s helmet for the 2022 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix


Lewis Hamilton helmet for the 2022 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix


In the case of the German from Aston Martin, he calls what is happening in Canada a “climate crime”, where an exploitation appears in Alberta , which has been described as the largest industrial project in the world. Through this business, bitumen is extracted from huge open pits on land that used to be forest, and that’s not all, as Vettel arrived at the paddock wearing a T-shirt with the same message, riding a bicycle with the rainbow flag .

This helmet is the work of Jens Munser , and in it also appears an oil pipeline with which it is intended to raise awareness of the importance of climate change. When asked by about the design, he said: “I read a lot about it because I find it fascinating, although maybe that’s the wrong word, but there’s a lot to do.

“I think we live in a time where we are very conscious of a lot of things,” he continued. “What’s happening in Alberta is a crime, because a lot of trees are cut down and the place is destroyed just to extract oil, and the way it’s done is horrible for nature.”

“The deposit, from what I have read, started about 20 years ago, I think the prime minister said that no other country would find these resources and would not accept them,” Vettel said. “I think every country and every person has their opinions, mine is that I don’t agree, there’s science to fossil fuels, and in the age we’re in, it shouldn’t be allowed anymore, it shouldn’t happen.”

“This is just a small gesture, a special helmet for the weekend, and I think it’s fair to think about future generations, about the world that we leave in their hands for when they are older and that they can take care of it, not destroy it,” added the German.

For his part, Lewis Hamilton included the rainbow flag in support of LGTBIQ+ groups in Pride Month. The British man from Mercedes also wears hands that simulate a heart on the top of the helmet, with the message ‘ Love is Love ‘, and the fact is that the seven-time world champion has always been very committed with the cause.

In the last appointments of last season, he wore another design with the rainbow in Middle Eastern countries, where these groups are persecuted and have fewer rights, a small gesture that can help society progress.

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