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Video: new trailer with the news of the game of F1 22

The time of year is approaching when Formula 1 launches its official video game of the season, which will be ready this course thanks to the combined work of Codemasters with EA Sports .

The two companies announced a few weeks ago that the game would be on sale from July 1, 2022 , although those who purchased the F1 22 Championship Edition could access a copy three days earlier, and just over a month for launch, They published a new trailer with all the news.


Following a structure similar to that of last season, the video game, which has been renamed F1 22 instead of F1 2022, has updated important parts of the circuits on the calendar, something highly criticized by the community in recent years.

Important changes in the circuits of the 2022 season of Formula 1

In the versions prior to the final, it has been possible to see changes in the curbs and protections, in addition to the fact that the tracks have been adapted to reality, as is the case of Barcelona with turn 10 or the renewed layouts of Abu Dhabi and Melbourne .

Obviously, the game will feature the official single-seaters of the 2022 grid teams, and we will also have the possibility of adding one more team through the MyTeam mode , where we can create our own team with the couple of drivers that we select.

Introduction of the sprint race in F1 22 and more gameplay

As far as the gameplay is concerned, we will have for the first time the sprint races , which will be adapted to the distance chosen in each grand prix, that is, if we run at 50% of the total, which in, for example, Imola would be 63 laps, we would go to 32 in the main race and instead of doing 21 in the sprint, it would be 11 laps.

This is not the only novelty, but there will also be the possibility of encountering failures of the mechanics at stops, causing the gun to get stuck when changing tires. Before it didn’t happen, and artificial intelligence did everything, but now it has changed, in addition to the fact that it will be possible to intervene by means of a button when passing through the pitlane, something that was not there last year either.

In addition, in the safety car periods, Virtual Safety Car, formation laps and pit stops, the retransmission camera, which simulates television production, with graphics that usually appear in the calendar’s grand prix.

Regarding the development programs , it seems that Codemasters and EA Sports are aware of the importance of this area in real life in 2022, and although they have modified the menus and some tests, the identical tests appear in the video as those of other editions . The same thing happens in the MyTeam mode menus, with very similar sections and with updates to the car through a branch of improvements.

New F1 Life mode: supercars, your own house and change of clothes

The biggest change comes in the introduction of the F1 Life mode, in the style of NBA 2K, with the possibility of creating a character and changing clothes and accessories, including a kind of house, where we can also buy furniture and decoration elements.

In this section, Formula 1 has innovated, allowing street cars to be driven on the world championship circuits. In the trailer we could see a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a Roma , an Aston Martin DB9 , the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and the Aston Martin Vantage acting as pace cars in reality.

Nor will Formula 2 be missing, which for the fourth consecutive year will be an option to play, although it is missing that the third step, Formula 3, is not yet taken into account in the game.

This delivery will be available on all platforms, PlayStation, Xbox and PC , and although there is little left for its premiere, surely there will still be more surprises in store for us from Codemasters and EA Sports.

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