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Video: the 7 overtaking tests that Márquez tried on Bagnaia in Aragón

Watch the video of Marc Márquez’s attacks below. And, if it does not appear, click on the link


Marc Márquez recalled in Motorland the one from before his serious injury in 2020. The Honda rider stayed the first 20 laps of the race behind leader Pecco Bagnaia, studying him to try to deal him the final blow in the final part.

“At the beginning I tried to save tires, but I had to push to be able to follow him,” commented Márquez.

With three laps to go the action began. Marquez launched first at turn 5 , but went wide and Bagnaia regained position. He tried it again at the 14-15 chicane , with the same result.

On the penultimate lap, history repeated itself at those two points, but the same thing happened, so Márquez decided to change his strategy on the last lap. Upon reaching turn 1, he unceremoniously put the bike into him, but the Ducati man held on and passed him at the start. Again in 5 he tried and the #63 passed him in acceleration.

“It wasn’t for trying, that’s how I am. It was difficult for me, there was a moment in the race when I didn’t know whether to try it or not. If I didn’t try it, I wouldn’t be calm. I’ve tried it in all parts of the circuit. I preferred to try it even at the risk of going down in the attempt. I knew I had to lose, because even if I passed him on the back straight he always recovered me”, said the eight-time world champion.

The race was coming to an end and the Repsol Honda rider, almost desperately, overtook him in lap 12. There he went wide and left the victory in the hands of Bagnaia, who defended himself like no one else to proclaim himself the deserved winner of the Aragón Grand Prix and make his debut thus his record of victories in MotoGP.

“I knew that he was going to try to pass me under braking, that he would try it at the end because it was more comfortable to slipstream,” Bagnaia said. “I think he tried to pass me seven times and I thought I couldn’t let him do a single corner in front. I like winning like that better.”

(Click on this link or on the image to see the photos of the 2021 Aragón GP MotoGP race)

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