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Video: the beautiful detail of Alfa Romeo with its most loyal young fan

Formula 1, and sport in general, unleashes passions that are often inexplicable or incomprehensible to reason. And he often leaves stories that show that the fan gives everything for his idols, sometimes literally anything.

Alfa Romeo has demonstrated this with a video featuring Goto , a Japanese boy who made a beautiful gesture in 2019 and who, in 2022, has been rewarded in a big way.

“In 2019 we received a very special envelope, with 19 euros inside,” he began by describing the video, before showing a handwritten letter in the handwriting of a child. Although the envelope (with drawings of animals) covers a large part of the letter, you can read a greeting to “Mr Vasseur” ( Frederic Vasseur ), the team manager, and the introduction of the boy, who reveals his name and that he is fan of the team and F1.

In addition, Goto wanted to apologize: “I’m sorry I couldn’t save more money to improve the team.”

What the boy’s disinterested gesture showed is that he did not add any surname, email or address, so Alfa Romeo could not quickly locate him. But he decided to go to social networks in search of that “magic” to be able to find anyone.

Fans, we need YOUR help! We received a special letter from a fan named Goto in Suzuka. He was sincere, he was charming, but he left no contact details! Can you help us get in touch with Goto? Or is Goto going to read this?” they posted on October 30, 2019.

In that publication there is no trace of Goto, although many people collaborated in spreading it. And finally, Alfa Romeo managed to get in touch with him.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented F1 from visiting Japan for two years, but with the return of the Japanese GP in 2022, the team finally rewarded its most loyal fan.

Video: Goto, the Japanese boy fan of Alfa Romeo F1 who fulfilled his dream


Goto was able to meet the members of the team, the drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou, and Vasseur himself took him to the pit wall, he was in the garage, they equipped him with team clothes and he was even able to get into the car.

But there was something more special: the drivers’ car, the C-42, had a message in Japanese on the floor at the front saying ‘Mr Goto, thank you’! In the video you can see Goto proudly pointing to that phrase.

“Goto is my friend. The team did their best to find him and now he is here with us, he is my guest,” Vasseur said.

The pictures show that the passionate little boy had an unforgettable day at Suzuka.

The publication has generated a multitude of reactions, and even Formula 1 has shared the Alfa Romeo video on its account. Among the comments there were those who made jokes that Alfa Romeo would have exceeded the cost limit with those 19 euros that Goto contributed, but almost all agreed on the beauty of the adventure and the kindness of the child. A story that, among so much toxicity in social networks, allows us to recover faith.

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