SportF1Video: the F1 car "that traveled to space"

Video: the F1 car "that traveled to space"

Formula 1 and its scope seem to have no limit, since it was not enough to have the fastest single-seaters on the planet, but now it has cars that travel into space. It is not the dream of an engineer in the midst of the open development war in this 2022 season, as a trio of youngsters have made what seemed like a mere imagination come true.

Tommo, Aldas and Haydon , on their YouTube channel, Live Fast , decided to send a small Lando Norris McLaren MCL35M to celebrate the Briton’s first podium finish this year. Through a painstaking process of filling a giant balloon with what appears to be helium, these passionate Woking team attached the mockup of the car to a metal frame to pioneer sending F1 cars into space.


“Lando [Norris] broke it last weekend at Imola with a third position, so we thought we would celebrate the first podium with his McLaren this season by sending it into space, because why not?” recording.

“There it goes, it’s time to take off. Mclaren de Lando, enjoy the space,” they said before letting it fly. “Three, two, one, come on! Look how fast he’s going, my God!”

And this is how the English pilot’s single-seater left on a space trip of about one hour and 45 minutes in which he rose to 32,598 meters , that is, he exceeded the mark of the troposphere to reach the stratosphere.

Although it is true that the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) considers that space begins from 100 kilometers, with the Kármán Line , but at the height that the McLaren has reached, the line of the Earth can be clearly seen, in addition that the darkness of the cold space begins to be noticed.

Once it reaches the maximum point, the journey back home begins, which in this case is very different from that of a single-seater returning to the pits. Woking’s toy ventures down a steep drop that ends up in some trees near a small airport.

To get it back, the young people use an old technique that almost all of us have used at some point in our lives, throwing a stone to lower the car. In this action, the MCL35M loses both front wheels, although the three boys can say that they were the first to put a Formula 1 beyond the sky.

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