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Video: the real F1 show in Miami was after the race

The designers of the Miami circuit created a track destined to leave a great show, but despite the difficulty it posed for the drivers over one lap, the race did not have much action and there was only excitement when a Safety Car regrouped on the grid.

Sergio Pérez could not beat Carlos Sainz in the fight for third place and Charles Leclerc could not beat Max Verstappen for the victory, but the podium ceremony left no one indifferent.

The winner of the first Miami GP in history reached the podium after traveling a long way escorted by two American police motorcycles, with their sirens, and their classic helmets and sunglasses.

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Formula 1 rebroadcast the conversation between the top three in the pre-podium room, but the originality did not end there. And it is that the platform where the trophies were delivered, and under which there was a statue of the legendary American football player Dan Marino (legend in the Miami Dolphins, owners of the stadium next to the circuit), still had a surprise.

Carlos Sainz was the first to leave, as third classified, and instead of the Pirelli cap he did so with a black helmet simulating those of the NFL, the American football league. Leclerc and Verstappen did the same, although they soon took it off to put on their caps and listen to the anthems.

Verstappen, in addition to the trophy that the Ferraris also received, took a Miami Dolphins helmet that Dan Marino himself gave him.


The race really had a show even before the lights went out, after a crowd of music and sports celebrities gathered on the grid, even more so than usual. The Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi sang the anthem of the United States before the start, but after the first meters it was clear that the circuit would not allow great fun either for the spectators who paid a high price for tickets, nor for those who followed him. By television.

In the North American country they are experts in ‘show time’, and this grand prize was one more sample, from the fake marina that generated so much debate weeks before to the podium ceremony, which some considered genius and others, a grotesque.

However, it is urgent to review the layout because, despite the fact that it is a challenging design and in one lap from the ‘on board’ camera it draws a lot of attention, neither the 2022 rules nor the DRS have helped to keep the eyes wide open in a race that in Europe has been close to bedtime.

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