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Video: this was the presentation of the Alpine A522 for F1 2022

This Monday, February 21, the Enstone structure presented the second single-seater under the new Alpine name, the first car created under the restrictions of the new technical rules, completely renewed in search of a new era in Formula 1.

Alpine has been the penultimate team to present its new weapon for 2022, while Alfa Romeo is the only team that has not yet done so, although it is true that there is something that differentiates both, and that is that the Hinwill team already He showed his car on the asphalt of Fiorano, yes, with camouflage decoration.

Some of the teams, Red Bull being the most exaggerated case, opted to present a model with the decoration of their car, while other teams did show their new real single-seater in its entirety, an option that Alpine also opted for.

In this way, at 6:30 p.m. in Spain we learned about the decoration of the new Alpine car for F1 in 2022, revealing one of the biggest doubts, the integration of the BWT pink color.

Video: this was the presentation of the Alpine A522 of F1 2022, Alonso and Ocon’s car:

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As protagonists throughout the event, Laurent Rossi , CEO of Alpine, was accompanied by Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, as well as the team’s main sponsors and partners, especially BWT.

Once the new Alpine has been presented, the only thing left to know is the definitive decoration that will dress Alfa Romeo during the 2022 season, although for this we will have to wait even longer, since they decided not to make it public until after the first pre-season tests, specifically the Sunday February 27.

To this list of cars in the history of Alpine / Renault in F1 is added the A522

car model Year in which he competed
A251 2021
R.S.20 2020
RS19 2019
R.S.18 2018
RS17 2017
R.S.16 2016
R31 2011
R30 2010
R29 2009
R28 2008
R27 2007
R26 2006
R25 2005
R24 2004
R23B 2003
R23 2003
R202 2002
RE60B 1985
RE60 1985
RE50 1984
RE40 1983
RE30C 1983
RE30B 1982
RE30 1981
RE20B 1981
RE20 1980
RE10 1979
RS01 1977 – 1978

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