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Video: this was the presentation of the Ferrari 2022, the F1-75 car

This Thursday, February 17, the Ferrari F1-75 was presented online, with the presence of the drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, who repeat for the second year together in the Scuderia.

After 2:00 p.m. Spanish time (1:00 p.m. in Great Britain or 7:00 a.m. in Mexico) we met the new red single-seater with black details of the Cavallino . With him, Ferrari will face the new era of F1 rules.

Rewatch the live presentation of Ferrari’s car for F1 2022

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After a 2020 season in which they practically bottomed out finishing sixth in the constructors’ championship, they took a big step forward in 2021 with third place , behind only Mercedes and Red Bull, in a year in which they achieved two pole position and five podiums.

However, they haven’t won since the 2019 Singapore GP (yes, Sebastian Vettel is their last winner), and the title drought is now 13 years without a team world championship and 14 without a drivers’ crown (since Kimi Raikkonen’s in 2007).

Will they be able, through new regulations, to recover the lost throne?

The new F1-75 will join this list

Ferrari car name Season in which he competed
SF21 2021
SF1000 2020
SF90 2019
SF71H 2018
SF70H 2017
SF16-H 2016
F14 T 2014
F138 2013
F2012 2012
150th Italy 2011
F10 2010
F60 2009
F2008 2008
F2007 2007
248 F1 2006
F2004M-F2005 2005
F2004 2004
F2003-GA 2003
F2002 2002
F2001 2001
F1-2000 2000
F399 1999
F300 1998
F310B 1997
F310 1996
412T2 1995
412T1-412T1B 1994
F93A 1993
F92A-F92AT 1992
642-643 1991
641-641/2 1990
640 1989
F187/88C 1988
F187 1987
F186 1986
156/85 1985
126C4 1984
126C2B-126C3 1983
126C2 1982
126CK 1981
312T5 1980
312T3-312T4 1979
312T2-312T3 1978
312T2 1977
312T-312T2 1976
312B3-74-312T 1975
312B3-74 1974
312B2-312B3 1973
312B2 1972
312B-312B2 1971
312B 1970
312/68-312/69-312B 1969
312/68 1968
312-312/67 1967
246-312-312/67 1966
158-1512-312/67 1965
156 Aero-158-1512-312/67 1964
156/63-156 Aero-312/67 1963
156 1962
156 1961
D246-246P-156P 1960
D246-D156 1959
D246 1958
500-D50-801 1957
500-375S-555-D50 1956
500-375S-625-555 1955
500-375S-553-500/625-625 1954
166-500-375S-553 1953
125-166-212-500-375S 1952
125-166-375-212-375 tw 1951
125-166-275-166S-375 1950

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