SportMotoGPViñales: "This time it was time to be third"

Viñales: "This time it was time to be third"

The Aprilia rider started fourth on the grid, but was immediately overtaken by Pecco Bagnaia, who started fifth, moving forward with him until he was second behind the Italian’s wheel. For many laps, Maverick Viñales seemed to have enough speed to challenge the Ducati rider for victory , even showing him the wheel at one point, but the gap defense by the winner of the last four races was a wall for the Spaniard. In the final part of the race , already with the tires supporting more than they could give, Enea Bastianini also overtook Mack , who finished third in the San Marino Grand Prix.

“We have to improve the braking, I’m going a little long compared to Ducati, with the rest we’re there, but with them we’re a little worse. I imagine that it is a characteristic of the bike and my riding, because something similar happened to me at Silverstone, I force the bike a lot in some braking points and we have to improve that point. But I am very happy with the performance and with the race we have done”, explained Viñales after the race.

The key was in the first ones, when it seemed that the Spaniard had something more than Pecco, but he could not overtake him.

“I have tried, but it closed very well everywhere. When I passed Bastianini, he left a small gap and I was able to sneak in there, but Pecco didn’t open the door and I ran the risk of taking him over. I preferred to take home good points and above all one more lesson learned and getting to know the bike better”.


In the final part of the race, Bastianini managed to pass Maverick and the Catalan was left without an answer.

“At that moment that ‘Bestia’ happened to me, it cost me, those three or four laps that they did in 32.0/32.1 cost me and I was using the rear tire a lot. I have decided to loosen up a bit and stay constant until the end of the race, because I could have run out of rubber and lose the podium. This time it was time to be third, Pecco and Enea have ridden faster. But I am super happy to have made another podium, we are in a good moment and now we have two very important test days to continue growing”.

During the race, Maverick was seen making different lines from Bagnaia, due to the handling and the difficulty of riding behind a bike with such downforce.

“Going behind is always complicated, when you brake the slipstream absorbs you. But we also use very different lines, and that is something that I had a hard time understanding at the beginning of the year, those lines. At first I rode very tight, like the Ducati, but I didn’t turn. With the Aprilia you have to turn rounder, more open at the beginning of the curve, close it to the inside and come out. It is something we are improving. Right now they are the reference, but the Aprilia also has very strong points”.

“At Motorland Aleix is going to go like a plane”

The one who is very strong and constant is, without a doubt, Bagnaia, who does not get off the top spot on the podium and no one doubts that he will be in the battle for the championship.

“Yes I see him, I see him as the reference pilot. In Aragon it will go fast, and in Japan. The Ducati goes very well and they brake very late. Pecco has found the right moment and the precise driving, he didn’t do incredible laps at the beginning, but he is very constant. He has ridden great, just like Enea, I am happy to have been able to fight with them”.

An ascent that could complicate the options of Mack’s partner , Aleix Espargaró, in the fight for the title.

“You will see how Aleix will go in Aragón, like a plane. He is going very strong there, he will be there to fight for victory, for sure. The title is something very difficult to achieve, but anything can happen. Above all, the most important thing now is that we are going to unknown territory, tracks that we haven’t been to for years, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand… there you have to be focused and killer”, settled the boy from the Costa Brava.

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