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Visiting Galveston

During the warm weather months, most visitors begin to think of Texas beaches. While it is true that Galveston is home to several great beach parks, it is also a year-round tourist destination with several attractions and entertainment options.

Shopping on the Strand is popular twelve months out of the year. In fact, one of Galveston’s most popular festivals, Dickens on the Strand, takes place in December. And of course, every spring, the ever-popular Galveston Mardi Gras draws thousands of people to the island. Seeing live performances at the 1894 Grand Opera House or the island’s ETC is another popular way to spend time on the big island.

Galveston is also a tourist’s dream, with the Historic Downtown District and iconic buildings like the Bishop’s Palace scattered among modern attractions like Moody Gardens and the Schlitterbahn. There are also several world-class museums, such as the Galveston Railroad Museum and the Texas Seaport Museum. And, with the Island Trolley and horse-drawn carriages available to get you where you need to go, getting there is half the fun.

Of course, this is not to say anything about the world-class accommodations available at any number of hotels on Galveston Island. The Hotel Galvez and San Luis Resort are just two of the elegant full-service hotels available to travelers. Moody Gardens Hotel is located right next to its famous eponymous attraction, making it quite convenient for families with young children. Romantic inns like the Mermaid and the Dolphin are also available for couples looking for a quiet getaway.

And, finding that perfect place to dine won’t be a challenge during your Galveston vacation. Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant has long been a favorite with tourists and locals alike. The Saltwater Grill offers fine seafood in an exclusive setting.

So, no matter what your tastes are or what time of year you plan to take a vacation, a trip to Galveston Island is always memorable.

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