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Vixía de Herbeira, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Spain

Contemplate the vastness of the ocean from this vantage point. The A Capelada mountain range has one of the highest cliffs in Western Europe (no more and no less than 615 meters high). The viewpoint is accompanied by a stone construction from the 18th century, logically oriented as a maritime surveillance position. It is an hour and 30 minutes by car from A Coruña and if you like to observe the night sky, it is also a fantastic location for star gazing.

Another excellent viewpoint located in A Coruña is:

Cabo Ortegal, A Coruña

Where the Atlantic and the Cantabrian Sea converge, you will come across this wonderful viewpoint. From there you will observe the Aguillóns, rock formations that are more than 1,160 million years old. To the east you will see the Estaca de Bares, the northernmost point of Spain. Locate it at an hour and a half by car from A Coruña.

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