AutoVolkswagen Tiguan, the guarantor of SUVs - Individual SUV...

Volkswagen Tiguan, the guarantor of SUVs – Individual SUV design

In 2016 came the Tiguan. A totally new model adapted to the demands of the midsize SUV market. And we only have to observe the generational change of this model to confirm the revolution that has occurred in recent years.

The Tiguan was born almost as a niche product designed for customers with restless needs and habits, medium-sized traveling families addicted to free time with urban obligations. The VIP client model for the marketing plans of any brand in the automotive industry today rings true to us. We are talking about the SUV customer.

With the birth of the new Tiguan almost two years ago, Volkswagen was betting on a comfortable, spacious and highly technological vehicle. One of the challenges faced by car manufacturers with these models is being able to meet the needs of such a diverse and heterogeneous audience. For this, this SUV has been designed with a single common denominator, versatility: being able to meet all needs, even for large families, since, a year after its birth, the seven-seater model appeared.

In order to get the correct formula right , Volkswagen engineers use the modular transversal platform (MQB) for the first time in an SUV, achieving in addition to more dynamic proportions, more interior space.

After the period that has elapsed since its launch, we have no doubt of the importance and influence that this model has had on the German group and on the segment in general with the opening of new horizons in terms of connectivity and technological innovation applied to comfort and safety.


The keys to the new Tiguan

Once different units with different finishes have been tested, I will tell you what for me are the five keys that define the new Tiguan:

Greater driving pleasure . This completely new design offers its drivers a wide range of possibilities guaranteed by wide spaces, a range of engines and even the 4 Motion traction system for the most daring.

More style . This car brings in addition to an individual and dynamic character, striking proportions with a noticeably higher quality and presence.

More security . State-of-the-art assistance systems and safety technologies such as Front Assist or the Lane Assist pedestrian detection system define this car as a bearer of innovation in the field of safety.

More comfort. Without forgetting that we are in a mid-segment SUV, the new Tiguan is defined through its offer of space as a truly versatile SUV.

More SUV . With 200mm ground clearance between the axles for all-wheel drive versions, the new Tiguan secures European off-road approval. Unique towing capacity of up to 2,500 kg in the compact range and the optional offroad front end with a 24 degree angle of attack are clear indicators that the new Tiguan is setting benchmarks in the compact SUV range.

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