FunWave of criticism of some bride and groom for...

Wave of criticism of some bride and groom for charging the wedding cake to the guests

Can you imagine being a guest at a wedding and having to pay 4.31 euros for each piece of the wedding cake that you have eaten? This is what happened this week in the UK. The bride and groom decided to charge their guests for the portions of the wedding cake that each had taken. One of them didn’t take it too seriously, so he took two pieces of the cake. Then the couple claimed the amount of the second portion 3.66 pounds, about 4.31 euros to change.

As if this were not enough, the way in which the couple demanded the payment of the second portion from this guest is curious to say the least . They checked the restaurant’s security cameras, and they sent him via WhatsApp the fragment of the video with the following message: “Hey, we have looked at the security cameras and we observed that you have eaten two pieces of the cake. We advised that each guest had to pay by portion and we have realized that you only paid for one. Could you send us the 3.66 pounds as soon as possible? “ .

Before the claim and the little tact of the couple, the guest, very upset, decided to share his story on Twitter. How could it be otherwise, users were quick to react, and the newly married couple have been criticized . No one understands why they held the wedding if they couldn’t even afford to buy a cake for the guests.

Others have taken it as a joke with comments on the Reddit platform such as “I would love to spend my first days as newlyweds checking security cameras to see which of my loved ones I can get another 3.66 pounds .”

There have also been those who have defended the guests for having to pay for the portions of the wedding cake , ensuring that not only the bride and groom invested money for the wedding. The guests also had to spend money on transportation, gifts, suits …

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