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What breeds of dog are the most mistreated?

What is considered animal abuse?

It is important to understand that mistreating is not only hitting or physically harming an animal , it is also, for example, keeping them in inadequate facilities where they lack hygiene , with hardly any food and water, without a place to shelter from inclement weather and without veterinary care, permanently tied to a chain so short that they can barely lie down . This treatment is already reflected in animal protection legislation as “psychological abuse.”

Animal abuse and interpersonal violence

Animal abuse can be a pattern that can help detect and prevent other types of violence against people such as gender violence, child violence or sexual assault , among others. If someone is harming an animal, chances are good that they are doing the same thing to a human being.

What breeds of dog are the most mistreated?

Abuse exists in any race and its crosses, but we cannot ignore the fact that some of them are predetermined to live badly all their lives and suffer cruel abuse , even dying, we are going to focus on three.

  1. Dogs used for hunting

    Most of the dogs used for hunting suffer hell living in unhealthy facilities where they do not cover the slightest hygienic and sanitary conditions , cages in which they do not see the light of day and have ventilation through small holes in the walls, a clear psychological as well as physical abuse. When hunting dogs are rescued they are usually terrified , they must even be captured with a cage trap due to the terrible fear of human beings.

    In the case of greyhounds, their duration in the hunting activity is between one and two years , after which they are discarded, having new puppies for training. It is not a black legend that they are killed, abandoned or left in kennels where the lethal injection awaits them . Those who are lucky enough to be rescued by protectors are the ones who will be able to have a second chance and live comfortably in an adopted family.

  2. Dogs used for fighting

    Dog fighting continues to exist in Spain despite being illegal and extremely cruel, it is considered a crime in article 337 of the Penal Code and prohibited in the animal protection laws of the Autonomous Communities . It is an activity that moves a lot of money, there are competitions worldwide. Dogs must be psychologically and physically trained to develop their aggressiveness, they start at three months. It is what is called Sparring , other dogs are used, mostly stolen, which end up dying cruelly mangled by their wounds.

    For the organizers, these “fighters” are just mere tools to earn money and when they stop being productive they are killed, making way for another “killing machine”.

  3. Dogs used in experimentation

    Animal experimentation is legal, some of the practices are cruel and often unnecessary since there are alternative methods , but they are not used because they are more expensive . In laboratories there are ethics committees that have the obligation to ensure compliance with the legislation . Although as we have seen in the case of VIVOTECNÍA , there are failures and they do not always guarantee the welfare of the animals, allowing cruel and prohibited practices.

Royal Decree 53/2013 , of February 1, which establishes the basic applicable standards for the protection of animals used in experimentation and other scientific purposes, including teaching, has as its object the applicable standards for the protection of animals used, bred or supplied for experimental purposes and other scientific purposes, including education and teaching , in particular that:

  1. The number of animals used in the procedures is reduced to a minimum, applying alternative methods whenever possible.
  2. They are not caused unnecessary pain, suffering, distress, or lasting harm.
  3. Any useless duplication of procedures is avoided; and that animals used, bred or supplied are given proper care.

Beagles are the most used dogs in experimentation centers , there are breeders of this breed that provide puppies to laboratories. In most experiments, to complete the study, the animals have to be sacrificed as their organs and tissues need to be examined. There are circumstances in which, after a veterinary review, it is established that the animals can be reused in future research , being cruel to them .

It should be noted that many scientists are against animal experimentation . The German association Ärzte gegen Tierversuche (Doctors Against Animal Experimentation) warns in this regard: “Animal experimentation does not help sick humans, it is only valuable for experimenters who satisfy their curiosity and base their scientific careers on it . But another science is possible

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