FunWhat does hikikomori mean?

What does hikikomori mean?

Hikikomori is a term of Japanese origin that can be translated into Spanish as "seclusion" or "confinement". Those who suffer from this disease, mostly adolescent or young men, isolate themselves from the society that surrounds them to live as modern hermits who do not leave their room , usually glued to a screen, be it the computer, the game console, the television or a gadget offering them access to the Internet, refusing to go to school or work for months or even years. They hardly interact except with other hikikomori, and usually virtually. In many cases, they alter daily rhythms: they sleep during the day, eat in the afternoon and spend the night connected to the Internet, playing video games, reading comics or watching television.

It is estimated that in the Japanese country this problem could affect a million people , which has led the Japanese Ministry of Health to open a rehabilitation center specialized in treating the disease.

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