FunWhat is a black box?

What is a black box?

This mythical object, which is granted the virtue of indestructibility, is neither a box nor its color is black. They are actually two or three boxes painted vivid color for easy finding after an accident. It is a complex mechanism made up of three units. The conversation recorder , located in the front part of the device, the technical data acquisition unit , placed in the tail of the plane and that records 60 flight parameters, from the height it has reached to its speed, passing through temperatures, turbulence , etc., and the recorder unit , where this data is recorded.

Thanks to them, it is known that about 38% of aviation accidents occur during the takeoff maneuver , while another 26% occur during the landing. 75% are due to human failure, 11% to breakdowns and 5% to adverse weather conditions.

Who Invented the Black Box?

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