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What is better, a mongrel or purebred dog?

When we are going to incorporate a dog into our family, we must think that we are assuming the responsibility of a living being for a period of time that will easily pass the decade. For this reason, the choice of the new member of the family must be a decision agreed by all the cohabitants of the home in the first place and we must thoroughly inform ourselves of the needs that we must supply to guarantee their health and well-being throughout their lives.

There are about 300 recognized dog breeds, a way of grouping them by almost identical characteristics in terms of appearance and/or behavior due to selection in the crossing of their ancestors. When we say that a dog is mixed or mixed, it is because it has characteristics of two or more types of breeds.

In the case of dogs, the breed is not really a characteristic that determines the care and expenses that we must value, perhaps some specific ones, such as size, age, character or even their type of hair.

When we compare the populations of felines and canines as pets, it is surprising to see that the predominant breed of cats in homes is the “common European” or “mestizo”, while man’s best friend without a recognized breed is not even appears in the rankings.

It seems that the reason for this difference is that, as cats are animals that do not usually leave the house and do not have a social life, their appearance is not valued as much. Instead, we walk with dogs, go on excursions, take them on vacation and even make groups with “park friends”. And, unfortunately, for some people, having a purebred dog is a way to raise the level of “social status”.

mongrel dogs

Crossbred dogs are said to be healthier because it is the healthier and stronger genes that will prevail. But it does not necessarily have to be this way, since they can also inherit genetic diseases if their ancestors had them in the same way that physical appearance is genetically transferred. In addition, there is no scientific evidence to corroborate this statement, since most studies on hereditary diseases are cataloged on races.

What we can guarantee is that a mestizo dog is a unique and unrepeatable being. Thousands of them are waiting for a home in animal protection entities: small or large, with exclusive color combinations in each one, with short or long hair, from the calmest to the most playful, from puppies to the elderly… It is impossible not find one that you like and that, in addition, adapts perfectly to the lifestyle you have.

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Of the overwhelming numbers of abandonment, not even the dog with the most “great” pedigree in the world is spared. The compulsive and uninformed acquisition of an animal ends in most cases with its abandonment . Seizures, whether from individuals or illegal breeding centers, also mean that many purebred dogs end up in animal protection centers.

On the other hand, we cannot forget the breeds that are closely linked to animal abuse and abandonment: podenco, greyhound, the misnamed potentially dangerous breeds (pit bull, american stanford…), Andalusian winemaker, mastiff…

Therefore, we can find in protection entities, animals of different breeds. In most cases, more adults than puppies… magnificent beings who, although not as unique as mestizos, deserve to find the warmth of a home.

So, better mestizo or purebred?

Whether crossbred or bred, they are all sentient beings . Let’s abandon the thought of wanting to have a dog “just like” the one that appears in your favorite series, the one that you saw some influencer on social networks or the “cute” puppy from the ad that played with the roll of toilet paper all over the house .

It is essential not only to select our “furry better half” based on which one best suits our lifestyle, but also on that dog to which we can give the life it needs beyond its physical characteristics , but also its behavioral ones.

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