FunWhat is Couvade syndrome?

What is Couvade syndrome?

As they have discovered, some new fathers, during the gestation of the baby in the mother's womb, feel themselves that they are pregnant. This extreme parenting is known as Couvade syndrome.

Its name comes from the French "couver" which means to incubate or raise and it is not only a psychological problem. Those who suffer from it not only believe they are really pregnant, but also mimic the symptoms that appear in a really pregnant woman. From feeling cramps in the legs to having cravings, nausea, vomiting and even sudden mood swings .

Usually its effects become evident during the first trimester of pregnancy and end, like the actual symptoms, with delivery. In addition, this strange syndrome usually appears in more attached and affectionate couples and, strangely enough, studies carried out on the matter indicate that between 10 and 65 percent of parents who are going to have a child suffer from it.

It is common for parents who suffer from Couvade syndrome, when the child is born, especially take care of the baby.

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