LivingWhat is electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

What is electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), electromagnetic hypersensitivity consists of “idiopathic environmental intolerance with attribution to electromagnetic fields”. These people suffer various symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorders and fatigue, and they relate these ailments to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) derived from the proliferation of mobile phone antennas, Wi-Fi networks, household appliances, computer screens. And a long etcetera.

Echoing these concerns, the European Commission commissioned a scientific committee to assess all existing data and in March 2015 published a report stating that there is no conclusive evidence that EMF exposure is hazardous. However, further research is required , especially regarding very long-term exposure and the possible risks of exposure to multiple sources.

With regard to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the Commission noted that, “although these concerns are legitimate, at the moment there is no conclusive scientific evidence that exposure to EMF causes any of these symptoms.” The WHO also states that the problem with this supposed disorder is that it is very nonspecific, that is, the symptoms vary from individual to individual and, what is more relevant, a significant relationship with exposure to electromagnetic fields has not been found.


Treatment of symptoms

What rather seems is that these ailments may be due to another series of factors, also related to modern life, and which are known to affect health: the maintenance of poorly ergonomic postures at work, or long hours in front computer can cause headaches, dizziness or eye strain. The same happens with pollution inside buildings or work stress.

Due to all this, what the WHO recommends is to focus on the symptoms that each person who is said to be affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity has and on their clinical picture, and not on the perceived need by the patient to eliminate electromagnetic fields from their home or environment (something that, on the other hand, is practically impossible). It is advisable to carry out a psychological evaluation to identify possible mental illnesses that may be responsible for the symptoms, and also to study other factors, such as those already mentioned, that may be the cause of the ailments referred by the affected person (noise pollution, bad lighting, factors ergonomic, work stress, etc).

In other words, it is not a question of ignoring the annoyances that these people suffer or ridiculing their perception , but rather looking for their true origin.

There are electromagnetic fields everywhere

It should also be remembered that exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a recent phenomenon, since we are exposed to them by the mere fact of living on this planet: the Earth’s magnetic field, solar radiation, storms … As explained in this Nobbot article, the average radiation that the Sun emits every day and that reaches us is much greater than that received by any ordinary mobile phone antenna. For this reason, the generation of so-called “electromagnetic radiation-free” spaces, as suggested by some concerned people, is absolutely impossible.

However, and apart from electromagnetic radiation, the creation of free internet spaces may be very healthy and necessary, but for very different reasons : we live continuously connected and in a state of alert, but many studies have shown that disconnecting and spending time letting the mind rest, if possible in natural spaces, is very positive for our brain and for our well-being. So, after all, it might not be such a bad idea to turn off the router from time to time.

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