FunWhat is image distortion syndrome?

What is image distortion syndrome?

Dysmorphophobia or body image distortion syndrome is a disease that produces an extreme fear or phobia of having an external physical defect , sometimes real but minor and exaggerated and sometimes only imagined, that others can perceive. It is estimated that between 1 and 2% of the population suffer from it. Those affected feel that they carry a stigma, and are obsessively concerned about how it affects their image, which implies a deterioration in social, work or school relationships. Some experts liken it to a hypochondria of beauty .

The parts of the body that most often concern people with dysmorphophobia are the shape or size of the nose , height, overall obesity, facial features, and eyes. Stretch marks , wrinkles , blemishes and scars are also frequent obsessions in these patients, who frequently go to surgeons or dermatologists to solve the problem.

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