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What is joint adoption? two better than one

!! Congratulations!! If you are reading this article, it is because, surely, you are thinking of adopting an animal . First of all, thank you for opening the doors of your house and your family to a homeless animal. But you may also be considering or have been proposed by the animal protection entity a joint adoption, that is, the adoption of two furry companions.

There are many reasons why we can make the decision to adopt two animals instead of one. But we must first take into account some issues :

  • Do we have enough money to support them?
    In the first place, we must assess whether we can financially afford the cost of having not only one animal, but two.
    It is obvious that two animals is double the cost of food, vaccines, deworming, insurance… And on veterinarians! Because some infectious diseases, just as it happens to us people, will pass through all the members of the “furry family unit” (conjunctivitis, gastritis, pharyngitis…)
  • Do we have time (and energy) to care for two animals?
    The responsible ownership of an animal is not only a matter of money, but also of time. We must dedicate moments for their hygiene, education, socialization with other animals and people… And with two, it is not only a matter of “reserving” twice as many minutes for these activities, but also of desire and patience.
    For example, it is very common to think “since I walk a dog, I don’t care if I walk two”. Once again, we tend to idealize the relationship with our pets . That “advertisement” walk can become an activity that is not as comforting as we imagined: you do not have eyes to watch both dogs if you let them go (forget it if you think they will always go together), interaction with other dogs can be more complicated by protecting “his herd” without proper socialization…
  • Do other animals already live in the home?
    Before incorporating a new animal into the family, if we already have other animals in the family, we must assess whether the already resident furry member will tolerate the new addition . If, in addition, it is a “couple” consideration will have to be more “sensible”.
    If, for example, we have a cat that has never lived with dogs and we don’t know what his relationship with them might be like, the stress he may suffer if he suddenly has to share his home with two puppies can affect his physical well-being and emotional.

When is it better to adopt two?

It seems that the idea of this article is to dissuade the reader from adopting two animals simultaneously, but nothing is further from the truth. The step of incorporating a LIVING BEING into our lives is a responsibility FOR LIFE and our duty is precisely not to idealize it and to present reality as it is.

Therefore, if your reading has come this far, it is because you are willing to face all the issues raised above.

There are some circumstances in which a joint adoption is an excellent decision :

  • Animals of the same age – Two animals that share the same life stage and energy are more likely to become great companions: two kittens from the same litter or two “grandfather” dogs.
  • Inseparable animals : there are some animals that have lived together before ending up in a protection entity (seizures, due to the death of their owner…) or that have created a very strong bond while waiting for a home. In these cases, from the adoption centers, both animals are always tried to be adopted together for the emotional well-being of both, even though they know that this complicates their search for a home much more.

When we adopt two animals, they will probably become great playmates and won’t feel so lonely when we’re away from home . But we cannot leave everything “in their hands”, it is important to work on socialization and bonding with other animals and people to avoid possible behavioral problems, just as we would if we had only one animal.

But the greatest of its advantages is, without a doubt, that you will be giving two homeless animals the opportunity to have a family and that your life, in return, will be enriched with twice the love, companionship and fun .

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