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What is the favorite circuit of MotoGP fans?

Dorna Sports, in partnership with Motorsport Network, has released the results of its 2022 MotoGP™ Global Fan Survey. The survey polled 109,676 fans from 179 countries , making it the largest fan survey ever conducted. in MotoGP™, by far.

The high number of participants allows us to safely extrapolate the results obtained. The questions that were thrown were of a wide variety of types, from the format of the races to the gender of the championship fans. One of those issues he addressed is fan attendance at circuits in the 2021 season.

MotoGP fans prefer to attend the circuits

MotoGP fans like to experience a grand prix first-hand, and more than 40% of those surveyed have attended a circuit in the last five years. In addition, an impressive 24% of fans traveled to another country to see a race weekend.

The Netherlands is the country that brings the most fans to the races, both inside and outside the country. The survey found that almost three quarters (73%) of Dutch fans attended a race in the last five years.

Leaving the ‘orange tide’ aside, the Austrian list continues, where nearly 68% of those surveyed acknowledge having gone at least once in the last five campaigns.

They are followed by Spain , with 62%; United Kingdom , with 52%; and Germany , with 50%. Sixth place is shared by France, Italy and Portugal, the three with 48% attendance among their fans.

Beyond the old continent, the high number of attendance in Argentina is striking, with 60%; Australia, with 48%; Japan, with 46%; and the United States, with 43%.


Women like to go to the races more than men

The female public has a greater inclination to move to the stands than the male sector. Specifically, there is a 20% greater chance that a woman will go to a circuit than the opposite sex. Thus, 48% of female fans say they have gone to see a live race at least once since 2016.

They also prefer to travel to a grand prix in another country; 26% of them have done so at some time in the last five campaigns.

By age, those over 44 are the ones who are most willing to travel to another continent to see a MotoGP test live.

Mugello, the best rated circuit in MotoGP

According to the results of the survey, more than 60% of MotoGP fans consider that the Italian Grand Prix, in Mugello, should be immovable from the calendar. The mythical transalpine route is, thus, the best valued among fans.

The classic circuits of Assen, with 48% of responses, and Philip Island, with 37%, also enjoy high acceptance.

With regard to new additions, 33% of fans declare themselves in favor of a Belgian GP.

Vista general del circuito de Mugello

General view of the Mugello circuit

MotoGP fans go to more races outside their country than F1 fans

The attendance of the international public is significantly higher than in Formula 1. According to the data obtained in the survey, 24% of MotoGP fans have traveled to another country to see a grand prix live in the last five years.

That Assen is known as ‘The Cathedral of Motorcycling’ is no coincidence, and it is the most popular event on the entire calendar. Nearly a quarter of fans globally (24%) have attended the Dutch Grand Prix at least once in the last five years.

The tests in Italy and Spain are also in good health. Mugello continues the classification, with 23%, followed by Misano and Catalunya, both with 22%, and Valencia, with 20%.

Assen is the circuit to which more people travel

If we analyze the accumulated number of attendees at their home circuit, we see that Assen is once again at the top of the table, with 94%. It is equaled by Termas de Río Hondo, with another 94%, followed by Portimao and COTA, both with 86%.

The list continues with Philip Island, with 85%; Silverstone, with 83%; Le Mans, with 78%; Sachsenring, with 76%; Jerez, with 64%; Valencia, with 56%; Catalonia, with 54%; Mugello, with 48%; Aragon, with 47%; and Misano, with 45%.

Complete survey results

To view the full survey, you can download the PDF

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