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What is the weather going to be like at the 2022 F1 French GP?

Formula 1 moves one more week for a new grand prix of the 2022 season, that of France, in which the weather will be, as usual, one of the keys for the teams at the Paul Ricard track. Although the weather will remain stable, it can play an essential role in the victory, since the tire strategies will be based on the high temperatures on the French track, as happened last season in a millimeter fight between Mercedes and RedBull.

The weather for the F1 French Grand Prix in 2022

Day Weather Maximum and minimum temperatures Possibility of rain winds
Friday July 22 Sunny 33° – 21° 0% Maximum of 18 km/h
Saturday July 23 Sunny 34° – 22º 0% Maximum of 21 km/h
Sunday July 24 Sunny 33° – 21° 0% Maximum of 18 km/h

In the first free practice session on Friday, July 22, as well as in the second practices in the afternoon, the teams will see how the sun shines in all its brilliance with temperatures that will reach 33ºC , and where not a single drop of water will fall . However, in these tests it will be essential to study the behavior of the tires, since, after seeing how Ferrari widely outperformed Red Bull in managing the Pirelli in Austria, having a clear strategy for the race can lead to victory in France .

Already on qualifying day, Saturday July 23, the sun will come out with even more force, exceeding 34ºC by the time the cars take to the track for the final practice sessions, although that number will remain until stop the activity on the track at the end of the day. Despite the fact that this will not affect so much after one lap, it will be essential to manage the rubber in the three sectors so as not to run out of grip at the end of the fastest lap.

On the decisive Sunday, July 24, the drivers will have to endure the heat for about an hour and a half at Paul Ricard, about 33ºC that will dictate the fight for victory between Ferrari and Red Bull, since the Italians enjoy a better degradation, which will give them a small advantage, although the factor must also be taken into account Mercedes, who plan to introduce a series of minor updates to their W13, but with the idea of getting closer to the best.

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