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What is the weather going to be like at the 2022 F1 Spanish GP? Alert!

After the debut of the Miami Grand Prix in Formula 1, the highest category will finally start its European tour this weekend, from May 20 to 22, in Barcelona, with the Spanish Grand Prix, an event that usually opens the ban on racing in the old west.

The track, located in Montmeló, has been chosen by almost all the teams on the grid to introduce the first major update packages to their single-seaters, something that will increase the interest of the event and that could mark a before and after in 2022 .

Due to the weather that has radically changed in Spain in recent weeks, both the teams and the fans attending the event will have to pay close attention to the sky and especially to the sun, which seems to be the main protagonist of the weekend in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya.

The weather for the 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Day Weather Maximum and minimum temperatures Possibility of rain winds
Friday May 20 Sunny 28° – 24º 0% Maximum of 14 km/h
Saturday May 21 Sunny 30° – 24º 0% Maximum of 14 km/h
Sunday May 22 Sunny 33° – 27° 0% Maximum of 18 km/h

As usual in the Spanish F1 GP, the heat will once again be very important from the first day of activity on the track, although it will increase as the weekend progresses, so the teams will have to prepare their cars for withstand very high temperatures on the asphalt during the race, just like the fans, who will have to be very careful and take the necessary measures to combat the heat and thus avoid any danger.

For Friday , when the first free practice sessions will take place, the temperature will be around a maximum of 28ºC , being the quietest day of the weekend, something that will allow the teams to test all their novelties.

Saturday will see the first day of real fire at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix . The temperature will increase to 30ºC , with gusts of wind that will remain at a maximum of 14 km/h .

For the day of the race, Sunday May 22, the Spanish track has the highest temperature forecast of the entire weekend, with a maximum of 33ºC that could increase as that day approaches, in addition to a gust of wind which will increase to 18 km/h .

Taking into account that the race will be 66 laps, the teams will have to pay special attention to the characteristics of their cars to keep the tires within optimal temperatures, thus avoiding excessive degradation that could be key.

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