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What results does Red Bull F1 need to be champion 2022 in Austin?

Red Bull has a chance of ending Mercedes’ stranglehold since the start of the hybrid era, as the Germans have claimed the last eight crowns in a row. Although the Austrians secured the drivers’ championship with Max Verstappen in 2021 , Brackley’s scored more points with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas than the energy drink duo, but 2022 looks different.

Ferrari are the immediate chasers in qualifying, and only they can hold their own in the remaining four rounds, so it is interesting to see the combination of results that could make Red Bull world team champions at the next Grand Prix round. from United States.

What results does Red Bull need to be F1 Constructors’ World Champion at the 2022 United States GP?

Red Bull Driver 1 Red Bull Driver 2 Ferrari Driver 1 Ferrari Driver 2
1st + fastest lap Without points No matter No matter
1st 10th No matter No matter
2nd 7th + fastest lap No matter No matter
2nd 6th No matter No matter
3rd 5th No matter No matter
No matter No matter 2nd or worse Without points
No matter No matter 3rd or worse + fastest lap 9th or worse
No matter No matter 3rd or worse 9th or worse + fastest lap
No matter No matter 4th or worse + fastest lap 8th or worse
No matter No matter 4th or worse 8th or worse + fastest lap
No matter No matter 5th or worse 6th or worse

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez have collected 619 points to date, and therefore have a great advantage over those from Maranello, who with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have achieved 454 units in 18 races, so the distance is It stands at 165 with 191 at stake , already counting the fastest laps and the commitment to the sprint in Brazil.

Thus, for the World Cup to be decided in Austin, Red Bull needs to leave the North American territory with a difference of 147 points , which would be distributed in Mexico, Interlagos and Abu Dhabi. For this, Ferrari could get the double, in addition to the fastest lap, which gives 44 units, but those from Milton Keynes should add 26 points , which translates into a third and fourth place, which gives 27.

In the event that the Italians do not set the best time per lap in the race, it would be enough to add 25 points, or what is the same, be third and fifth, while if Ferrari leaves the United States with 18 points or less [for example a fifth and sixth place], Red Bull will be champion anyway.

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