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What to do before leaving for Disneyland

Use this list of things to do before leaving for Disneyland California. We hope you have a great trip!

As soon as you can

You’ll get the best airfare rates and have the best chance of finding that hotel room you’ve been dreaming of if you book them as early as possible.

  • Book a hotel near Disneyland
  • Buy Disneyland Tour Tickets: In recent years, Disney has also introduced a mid-year ticket price hike, so buying tickets as early as possible could protect you against that.

A month before you go

You can’t do this before, but now is the time.

  • Make dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou, Café Orleans Carthay Circle, and the Wine Country Trattoria. Now is also the time to book a character meal inside or outside the park.
  • For flights to Orange County on Southwest Airlines, get your tickets within the next week to 10 days, before fares start to go up (which happens two weeks in advance, or more).
  • Book a Disneyland Tour – If you want to walk in Walt’s footsteps or take a guided tour, book now or they can fill up.
  • Book Disneyland Character Dining and Dining – Must be done now, too, before it’s too late.

Two weeks before you go

  • Sit down with your children or classmates to talk about what you want to do. Please measure your child’s height before visiting and check the Disneyland and California Adventure trip descriptions so you know which rides they can go on.
  • Review the time-saving tips online, order Ridemax, and start creating your time-saving itinerary with it.
    • RideMax gives you a schedule that keeps you on the rides and off the lines, and we wouldn’t take a trip to Disneyland without it. It can save you so much time that you can stay fewer days, so we recommend buying it before doing anything else.

A week before you go

  • If someone in your group is prone to motion sickness, stock up on their favorite remedies.
  • Print your Ridemax itinerary or make sure it is available on your mobile device.
  • Loading apps: If you have a mobile device, there are many apps, but it’s hard to know which ones work best and which ones take up space on your screen. The best ones are not only free, but they can make your trip to Disneyland more fun.
  • Print your e-tickets if you bought them online, or make sure you know where your paper tickets are if you had delivered them. And if you fly to Disneyland, put them in your carry-on, in case your luggage decides to vacation elsewhere.
  • If you are a girl going to Disneyland, it can be difficult to know what to pack. Check out what you need to pack for Disneyland, and what you don’t.
  • Print your hotel and flight reservation confirmations and pack them to go. Print directions to your hotel, too.

When you’re ready to pack

  • Check the forecast: Generalizations about California’s weather are often wrong. Take a minute to find out if the weather man is forecasting a heat wave in January or a deluge in July, and see what to pack in each season. Check out Disneyland Tips for more ideas on what to bring (and what not).
  • Drain the rain: If you are traveling in winter when it can rain, umbrellas are hard to handle. Pack hats or raincoats with hoods instead.
  • Avoid the sun – Bring waterproof sunscreen, drawstring hats (so they don’t fly off), and sunglasses, especially in summer.

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