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What to do if I find an abandoned dog on the street?

If you find an abandoned dog , you must know how to act appropriately, not only for the life of the animal but also for the risks that other risks that it may entail, such as those for road safety purposes.

As always, the first thing is to assess the level of risk of the situation, both for the animal and for people. If the approach to the animal is risky (it is on a motorway, it is on a cliff, the animal is aggressive…) the only thing you can do is call the Local Police, National Police or Civil Guard and wait for them to come and rescue it.

On the other hand, if the situation does not entail any imminent risk , we must confirm that the dog is really alone. Some dogs separate quite a bit from their owners to investigate, often taking advantage of an oversight of their owner (he has started talking to someone he has met, while he was absorbed looking at something on the phone…).

If the dog does not belong to anyone nearby, we will have to assess whether the animal accepts our approach. Special care must be taken, because a fearful, frightened or injured dog can have an unpredictable reaction, which can cause the animal to end up running away out of control or an aggressive response .

If the animal does not admit approaching, once again the only thing we can do is call the State Security Forces and Bodies so that the corresponding services take care of its rescue . And while they come, keep a safe distance from the dog and try not to lose sight of it.

If we find a sociable dog that approaches us, we can check if the dog has a collar and if it has any information to contact its family. Sometimes it is engraved on the necklace itself and other times as a badge or with a QR code .

If the dog has gotten lost while walking, he probably hasn’t been too far from his family and they’re in the area. Ask people you see in the area if the animal is theirs. Also if they know their owners, especially other people you see with dogs, they might be park buddies!

On the other hand, if you don’t have anything with which to identify your family “at first glance”, the next thing would be to know if the animal has a microchip in order to locate your family. And the only way to know is by having a microchip reader and access to databases of identification records . Therefore, either we tie up the dog and go with it to a veterinary clinic to read the microchip or, once again, we call the municipal collection service or the Police or the Civil Guard.

If the animal does not have a chip, remember that the municipalities are responsible for ALL the animals that are in their municipalities. Therefore, it is the municipal collection services that would have to take charge of collecting and housing the animal.

If you decide, instead, to take care of him either by adopting him or taking him into your home until you find a home for him, once again you must make sure that he does not really have a family . Just because you don’t have a microchip doesn’t mean you don’t have a home. Although identification by chip is mandatory , it may be that the animal has not yet been identified as a puppy or that the chip has been deactivated (it is rare but it can happen).

So make a poster with its photo, characteristics and your contact information and put it in the area where you found it, deliver it to businesses in the area, especially those related to animals such as veterinary clinics, specialized stores and animal protection entities. Also spread it on social networks , particularly in neighborhood groups in the area where you found it and those dedicated to lost animals.

If someone calls you claiming it, before handing over the animal, ask for photos or a description of some physical aspect of the animal that allows you to make sure that it really is your family.

If finally his family does not appear or we decide to keep the dog, it is essential that we go to a veterinarian to check his health status and identify him by means of a microchip in our name.

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