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What to do if my dog is lost?

No one wants to even imagine what it must be like to lose their dog. But unfortunately, whether due to carelessness or an accident , it is an event that occurs too often. In the streets and shops of any town or on social networks, we can see posters of an animal that has recently gone missing.

Where to call?

Whether the animal has a microchip or not, we must report its loss to the State Security Forces and Bodies. Call or go to the Police or Civil Guard to report its loss, where they will ask you for all the information about your dog: identification, physical characteristics, circumstances and place of disappearance…

This will not only serve so that, if someone who has found or seen the dog, they can notify you as soon as possible, it will also exempt you from the possible contingencies that it may cause and for which you may be held responsible (traffic accidents, damages, injuries to other animals or people…) or that you are accused of a crime of abandonment .

If the animal is identified, you must also declare its disappearance in the pet animal identification registry of the autonomous community. In this way, if the animal is recovered and the microchip is read, it will be stated that the animal is “disappeared” and they will contact you immediately. We can also take the opportunity to verify that the contact information available in the registry is correct . It is not strange that, after a change of address or telephone number, it has been forgotten to update the information of our animals in the identification registry or even that a mistake has been made when registering in the system.

It also notifies the municipal collection service, animal protection entities and veterinary clinics in the area where it has been lost. If someone finds it, it is most likely that they will go to one of these places to notify it or to have the microchip read.

Where can it be hidden?

Try to search the area where it has been lost. If you have gotten lost in a regular place or have run away from home, look in your favorite places : the park where you usually walk, the house of a family member or friend you used to visit…

If, on the other hand, he has lost his way in some unknown area (during a trip, excursion…) or has a fearful character, he may be hiding or disoriented. It may even be that he does not come to your call.

How long will it take to get back to my house?

Many people believe that if the dog has voluntarily escaped from his home, there is no need to look for him because sooner or later he will return. Normalizing that the dog takes “his walks” alone is, first of all, an act of irresponsibility since we will not only be exposing him to possible accidents or someone stealing him, but we are also putting the integrity of other people at risk and animals with the consequent civil liability that this entails.

If he accidentally escaped, he may or may not come back voluntarily. In any case, we should not wait to start looking for it immediately and report its loss. It is highly recommended that while we begin your search, someone remains at the home in case the animal returns.

It is better prevent

There are animals that are found in just a few hours or there have been cases in which they have been recovered years later. The key to all of them is the correct identification of our pets by means of a microchip. This way of identifying our dog, in addition to being mandatory, is the most effective and enduring over time . eye! We must also make sure that our data is correctly registered in the registry and updated, so if we make any changes to our contact or address data, we must keep in mind to ask our veterinarian to modify them.

Many dogs are also accidentally lost during walks: use quality restraint systems , adapted to the physical and behavioral characteristics of your dog, and check their integrity before each outing. If the animal is fearful or escapist, there are double anchoring systems that offer us extra security. In addition, today we can find GPS devices on the market.

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