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What to do when your nose bleeds

You feel the need to grab a handkerchief because you notice that you start to runny. You blow your nose and … you see blood. What to do when your nose bleeds? Today we give you some tips for these nosebleeds, which in most cases are harmless and very easy to control. The truth is that the nose has a large number of very small blood vessels that can be broken by something as simple as a cold or a sudden change in temperature (especially in winter). Although they can also be caused by blowing the nose with great force, by picking the nose, by chemical agents, by high blood pressure or by possible tumors (in the most serious cases). The advices:

Put your head forward

Whether sitting or standing, however comfortable you are, the first thing you should do is tilt your head forward, because if you did it the other way around, you would end up swallowing the blood product of the hemorrhage. Important: breathe through your mouth.

Pinch the nose

After tilting your head forward, you will need to pinch both nostrils at the same time just below the septum of your nose with your thumb and index finger. We’ll stay like this for a couple of minutes. After this time we release and press the area again. We let go one more time and check to see if the small bleeding has already been successfully stopped. If not, we can continue like this with constant pressure, checking every 5 minutes if we have stopped bleeding and always breathing through the mouth.

Never blow yourself

Although it is our first impulse, do not do it, it could cause a major bleeding. Also, avoid putting pieces of any material into your nose as a plug, as you run the risk of extracting the clot that has formed and your nose will bleed again. You would have to start the process over. What you can do is place an ice pack or cold pack across the bridge of your nose; the bleeding will decrease.

The bleeding has stopped

Once we have managed to stop the bleeding, experts advise not to lift heavy objects or do any activity that requires some physical effort . Of course, blowing your nose for at least 24 hours is also excluded.

Of course, if you realize that you cannot stop the bleeding from the nose, you should go to a medical center to help you control the bleeding.

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