FunWhen do you have to remove a piercing?

When do you have to remove a piercing?

Another aesthetic complement that has become very fashionable in recent years are the so-called piercings, earrings in different areas of the body. From the nose, to the eyebrows through the navel, ear, lips … and a wide etcetera.

These small piercings can be a source of infection if they are not cared for with proper hygiene , is it necessary to remove them at some point?

17% of people who get a piercing suffer some kind of complication , according to an American scientific study.

Lesions appear most frequently on navel piercings , followed by those on the tongue, and lips. The piece should be removed when a local infection appears that does not resolve with antibiotics, if the piercing bleeds excessively and if it causes an allergic reaction.

It should be removed if it causes pain, as is often the case with ear piercings, or if an edema appears on the tongue that lasts more than 10 days.

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