SportF1When will Brad Pitt's F1 movie start shooting?

When will Brad Pitt's F1 movie start shooting?

Looking at the schedule, the first Las Vegas Grand Prix in November is likely to play a relatively big role in the plot.

This Friday, Brad Pitt , producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Joseph Kosinski met with the bosses of the Formula 1 teams to tell them about their idea and plans.

The filmmakers stressed that they see their production as an equivalent of the wildly popular “Bruckheimer’s Top Gun: Maverick.”

Stefano Domenicali confirmed that all top-flight teams and drivers will be involved in the project, which will feature real cars and sponsors.

The Italian sees the film as the next step in building on the success that has started in the wake of the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

“I think it’s serious,” he told “I’m really excited, because we’re at a time where everyone is thinking, ‘What’s next?'”

“And this is going to be another step in our growth . We really believe that this will allow Formula 1 to be in another dimension that has not been explored as much and as well, until today.”

“You’ll see a lot going on next year in the build up to the movie, and it’s exciting because all the teams and drivers will be involved . So that’s great.”

“We are already planning and working on all the activity that needs to be done during a real race weekend, we will start working on it in the second half of the season .”

“We are still working on the details, because it is only the beginning of the plan, but you will see that it will be quite interesting, at least I think so,” added the Italian.

Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt at the McLaren garage

On whether the production will have its own cars running on track at grand prix weekends, he said: “The only thing I can say is that it will be real, so you will see something during the race weekends.” .

Domenicali says the teams and their current sponsors are eager to get involved, and when Bruckheimer made the ” NASCAR: Days of Thunder ” movie more than three decades ago, Mello Yello received a lot of interest as a sponsor of Tom Cruise ‘s car.

“They will be there, the real ones, they will participate in the film,” Domenicali said. “And now there are discussions with the teams about how to create the story, although of course, that’s done by Hollywood.”

Domenicali assured that the participation of Lewis Hamilton as a producer will help maintain the truth of the project, while saying that all the other pilots will be invited to be part of the film.

“Lewis will be very important because he is very focused on this new project, and he will maintain the authenticity that the film needs.”

“I guarantee you the producer is the best in Hollywood, the director is one of the best in Hollywood, and the lead actor, Brad Pitt, needs no introduction.”

Asked if the film will be a direct source of income for F1 or primarily as a relationship-building tool , he said: “Let me say it will be both, both are very important at the moment.”

“The film will be part of what we are going to build for the future, to attract a new audience, and also to invest in the additional income that will come from that,” he concluded.

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