FunNature & AnimalWhere is the largest baobab in the world?

Where is the largest baobab in the world?

Wondering where the biggest baobab is?

According to the Guinness Book of Records 2022 , the largest baobab will be found in South Africa.

Baobabs are famous for the thickness of their trunks, where they store huge amounts of water. The great Sagole tree , a specimen of Adansonia digitata located in Masisi, Vhembe, South Africa, is 60.6 square meters tall and 19.8 meters high. It is the most colossal on the planet.

Despite its colossal size, baobab wood is very light; the great Sagole tree, for example, has a surface area above the ground of "just" 54 tons. Unfortunately, two even larger baobabs have died on African soil in the last decade.

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