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Which bank charges less commission when paying electricity and telephone?

Some users choose to pay their electricity and telephone bills at bank windows, however, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) reported the possible commissions charged by 13 banking institutions for the payment of CFE and Telmex receipts.

There are some institutions that do not charge for the payment of these services. Below we present the detailed information.

Banks with higher and lower commission to pay electricity and telephone

The commission that the banks charge for the payment of the CFE and Telmex service may vary for those people who are clients and non-clients of the banking institution,

For the payment of the telephone service, Santander has the highest commission for its own clients, with 20 pesos. While for non-clients BBVA it is the most expensive, with 26 pesos.

Similarly, for electricity payments to the CFE, the highest fee for bank customers is HSBC, which charges 10 pesos, and for non-customers, Citibanamex, with a value of 14 pesos.

Which banks do not charge commission?

There are banking institutions that do not charge a commission for the payment of these services, such as Inbursa and BanCoppel.

There are other options to pay for these services that do not involve any cost, such as:

  • Direct debit the receipt into a deposit account (payroll, check or digital account) or to credit cards (if direct debit is chosen, care must be taken that there are always sufficient funds in the accounts or the credit limit is not exceeded in the card).
  • Make the payment through internet or mobile banking, on company portals, on your bank’s mobile application or through convenience stores.

In any scenario that the consumer selects, the Condusef recommends the following:

  • Before paying your electricity or telephone bill, always ask if there is a commission for paying services at the window.
  • Avoid paying commissions and go to the most convenient branch or domicile your payments, with this last method your service will never be affected by a service outage.
  • If you are going to pay in cash or check from the same bank, preferably do so at least one day before the payment deadline; with a check from another bank, two days before.
  • Capture the company’s email address directly in the web browser you use, so you will avoid entering fraudulent pages.
  • If you make the payment through the company’s internet portal, make sure it has the “https://” protocol, this indicates that the transaction is secure.

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