FunWhy are there no windows in supermarkets?

Why are there no windows in supermarkets?

Many are the supermarkets that we have available to be able to do the weekly or daily shopping and it is a matter of taste, or of offers , to buy in one or the other, but something that all supermarkets have in common is the absence of windows. What is the reason?.

The surprising reason why there are no windows in supermarkets

Nowadays nothing is done randomly and every choice, especially in large stores like supermarkets, but also appliance stores or sundries stores, is made for a reason. This is the case of the windows and the fact that they are not present in the supermarkets and in the mentioned stores. Obviously, it is not a question of forgetting, but of a precise “psychological choice” that keeps clients inside for as long as possible.

Supermarkets are the places where customers have to spend their money; for this reason, administrators must implement all possible precautions to make this possible. And this is the reason why there are no windows, but also the reason for the tiled floors that have been chosen in that way so that the car is noisy, thus slowing down the pace of the consumer who “drives” it and giving the products the opportunity to be observed for longer.

The time and the preservation of the products

Going back to the original question: why are there no windows in supermarkets? The answer is quite surprising since the reason is none other than the fact that within this place it tries to give a “feeling of suspension of time”, where buyers should not be subjected to “external stimuli” that may make them have rush to make your purchase; For example, if there were a window indicating that it is starting to get dark outside, the customer would be inclined to rush their purchases, perhaps because they would find that they are wasting too much time inside the store.

As we say then, it is not something that has been chosen at random. The reason is that but it is also a matter of statistics: the longer a person stays in a supermarket, the more likely they are to spend (the same happens with websites, where large stores like Amazon use other strategies such as the fact that they appear to us products similar to what we are buying with great discounts or that suggest us to increase the purchase with other products to add that are of the same brand or range).

Finally, it seems that the reason is also a practical question: if there were large windows to illuminate the products , the sun’s rays could ruin the exposed containers, making them less attractive to customers.

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