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Why did Ferrari test old soil at the Italian F1 GP?

Ferrari caught the attention of many pundits in FP1 at Monza when Carlos Sainz was seen on track wearing an old floor layout, which they had already used in the early part of the season.

This background was replaced by a revamped and supposedly improved version at the 2022 Formula 1 French Grand Prix , confident that it would provide a noticeable performance boost to stay in contention for the titles, but some events in recent weeks have led to think that it might not have given the result they originally expected.

Ferrari F1-75 new floor comparison

But after some problems with tire management in races, where Ferrari has not been as competitive as Red Bull, the team suspects that some aerodynamic developments could have pushed the F1-75 in a direction that has hurt its balance.

Responding to, team principal Mattia Binotto explained why they had tested an old floor, saying the aim was to collect data so they could understand if their recent updates had any unintended side effects.

“If you look at the last few races, where in terms of tire degradation we haven’t been the best, clearly we’ve had problems with the balance of the car,” he explained.

“Having a bad balance caused the tires to overheat, which somehow causes degradation. So we know that the balance of the car has not been correct.

“Whether the reason for the poor balance of the car was due to the aerodynamic developments that had brought us to that situation? That was a question mark for us.”

“So that’s the reason why we did that test here at Monza, although it may not be the best circuit to do a test like this, we did it to collect data, to analyze it when we get back to the factory and try to have a good explanation for what happened. what happened lately.”

“We are still on the way to analyze, understand and hopefully address it for the future,” he added.

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