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Why does the Red Bull car dominate in F1 in 2022?

The 2022 Belgian Grand Prix of Formula 1 allowed us to see a whole technical exhibition of Red Bull on the rest of the grid, and that is that they achieved a double without opposition with Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez in almost half a minute to the third classified, the Ferrari by Carlos Sainz despite the fact that the man from Madrid started from pole position.

Those from Milton Keynes overcame the sanction for changing elements in the current world champion’s power unit and climbed to the top of the podium after starting from 14th position [12th in practice by the two AlphaTauri who started from the pit lane]. On the straights, where higher top speed is necessary, the energy drinkers showed such dominance that many drivers did not even defend themselves because they were aware that, sooner or later, they would end up overtaking them, as happened with Fernando Alonso when Verstappen approached.

In the Belgian appointment, the FIA introduced a new regulation that tried to reduce the high porpoising that the cars of the current generation accused, which caused many to have to raise the height of their floors with respect to the asphalt. The laws of aerodynamics tell us that by raising the distance from the bottom, the load is reduced, but the effect pursued by the regulations is achieved, eliminating rebounds.

In Red Bull they were the ones that adapted best, so they were not as affected as Ferrari or Mercedes on a track where aerodynamic resistance was key. Added to the power of their Honda engine [disguised as Red Bull Powertrains], the lead they were reaching by the time they reached Les Combes made them unbeatable, but why did they also win on a track as different as Zandvoort?

At the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, the Austrians won with Max Verstappen in what was their tenth victory of the season, and fell just three short of the record shared between Sebastian Vettel in 2013 and Michael Schumacher in 2004. The superiority did not It was as overwhelming as in Spa-Francorchamps, but that did not prevent the Dutchman from almost five seconds in just 12 laps to George Russell, the second classified, in addition to ten to Charles Leclerc, who closed the podium.

The Dutchman also took the extra point for the fastest lap, so it can be said that the RB18 was also no match for the rest of the grid, and the main reason is the suspensions and their ability to adapt to the new technical rules. .

Engineers at Milton Keynes, led by the famed Adrian Newey , designed a car with a pull-rod configuration at the front axle, while a push-rod specification at the rear. Those are the details that attract attention and those that have allowed us to gain an advantage in this first year of new generation single-seaters, since the upper front arm is mounted very high, while the rear one is located in a much lower position.

This design allows the car to brake better, and despite the fact that it increases the braking blocks in the front tires, the geometry of the Red Bull benefits the aerodynamics, as well as allowing the suspension to be configured more quickly.

As in past campaigns, the Austrians’ front suspension is multi-linked, with separate fixing points both inside and outside, allowing them to work more independently and therefore help to piloting.

In Formula 1, it is desired to create an efficient car in the aerodynamic plane, which allows the driver to drive comfortably. The more resistant to rebound, the more the distance to the asphalt can be reduced, and the more load can be generated on the ground. That is the secret of the speed of the RB18 and that it is so good on different layouts.

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