FunWhy does the tongue piercing give current in the...

Why does the tongue piercing give current in the mouth?

Only if the wearer of the piercing has a filling or a dental prosthesis , as they act as an electric battery.

Saliva, which is slightly acidic and salty, plays the role of conductor.

The metal of the piercing and that used by the dentist activate a reaction called redox : the purest, such as silver from amalgam, oxidizes the vilest, such as titanium, aluminum or the steel with which piercings are made.

This generates a flow of electrons that creates an imperceptible electric current, since its intensity is a few milliamps, but enough to activate the nerve receptors of the tongue.

Normally, the current affects the trigeminal nerve , which passes through the mouth and ear. That is why the piercing wearer may notice a slight tingling in these areas.

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