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Why Enea Bastianini fits in the official Ducati

According to the latest information, Enea Bastianini could be the next member of the official Ducati team. The rider from Rimini, after an exemplary season with the Gresini team, appears as the favorite in the bids for the new seat at the Borgo Panigale factory.

The Italian could become Pecco Bagnaia’s new teammate, taking over from Jack Miller after his departure to KTM in 2023.

In an interview with the official page of the championship, Bastianini’s technical chief, Alberto Giribuola , analyzed the trajectory of the Gresini driver, assuring that Enea “could withstand the pressure of being in an official team”.

“For me, pressure is a characteristic of the rider and Enea [Bastianini] does not feel the pressure. If he goes to the official team, I think he will be able to withstand it. The important thing is that he feels that the people around him work for the same goal. We smile a lot , we work in a relaxed way, which undoubtedly helps him enjoy the races not as if it were a job, but as he enjoys it with his friends. I think that’s what makes the biggest difference,” Giribuola told

In this way, the Crew Chief of the Italian praised the great potential of his pilot: “Last year, sometimes there was a limit for him because he was not able to push to the maximum, like in qualifying, because you have to drive in a way which is not good for the race, but it is the best for one lap. So I was on the limit.”

“This year he is able to change when that time comes. We immediately saw something special in him from the Qatar test last year. His confidence with the front end, the ‘ feeling ‘ he has with the old tire in the last part of the Going into the corner, he can really gain a lot from the other drivers. He has a lot of speed going into the corner, but then he’s able to turn, so it’s something really special.”

Although Bastianini ‘s possible move to the official team could change the dynamics of the box, the engineer assured that this situation “should not be a problem for Pecco Bagnaia”.

“Our goal is not to upset anyone, but rather to win the championship. It always depends on what the other drivers think of Enea. When Andrea [Dovizioso] saw Jorge Lorenzo enter our garage, at first he was like ‘oh, God. mine, he is a multiple World Champion and he is here’, but then we focus on our work”.

“I told Andrea: ‘We have everything we need to be as fast as him or faster than him, so it’s not a problem’. In the end, we were faster, so the pressure is something you put on your mind. I think that we, if we go there, we will try our best and then if it is a problem for ‘Pecco’… he will take care of it. I think he has a good team, a good mentality, a good past achieving a lot of good results, so I don’t think that in the end I will have so much pressure”, concluded Alberto Giribuola for the official page of the championship.

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