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Why McLaren decided to bet on Piastri for F1 2023

After many weeks of uncertainty regarding the future of Oscar Piastri amid a contract dispute between Alpine and McLaren, the fate of the young Australian driver was finally confirmed this Friday by the Contract Recognition Board.

This decreed that the agreement that Piastri signed with McLaren on July 4, one day after the British Grand Prix, was the only one valid for the pilot.

Piastri has now been confirmed as a McLaren driver for at least the next two seasons, and will be Lando Norris’ new partner, replacing Daniel Ricciardo.

Speaking to Sky after confirming his 2023 line-up, Seidl said the combination of the Australian’s speed and personality meant McLaren had no hesitation in signing him.

“We are super happy to know that we will have Oscar with us next year along with Lando,” Seidl explained. “It’s a very good driver line-up.”

“There are two reasons why we wanted to have Oscar . I think he has shown in the youth ranks that he has something very special and that he has a lot of potential, plus I think also in terms of personality he is a perfect fit for our team.”

He added: “We are absolutely convinced of his talent and his potential. Oscar is also young, he has a lot of energy and just the right amount of self-confidence as well, but at the same time he is very humble and is aware of how big he is. next year’s challenge.

“I think we are a team that has shown in the past that we can do very well and treat the youngsters who come into the category perfectly, so I am looking forward to starting to work with him next year.”

This is how Piastri announced his signing by McLaren for the 2023 Formula 1 season:


“I am super excited to join the grid and do so with such a prestigious team as McLaren . I have no doubt that it is a great place to start my career.”

“I’ve come a long way to get to this point. I’ve been racing for 12 years and this was my dream from the beginning. So I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me along the way, including my friends from Alpine and also my family in particular, who have contributed significantly to supporting my career from the beginning.”

“I can’t wait to represent the papaya color (of McLaren). I will do my best to go as fast as possible and get good results. I am looking forward to working with the team, working together with Lando, and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon. Thank you.” .

Seidl took the opportunity to state that waiting to see the decision of the Contract Recognition Board had been an unnecessary distraction, because McLaren never had any doubts that his contract with Piastri was valid.

“In terms of the Contract Recognition Board, we were never worried about it,” he said.

“So I guess it’s best to ask the other party involved, because they thought they had an open case, so this is no surprise to us.”

“It is important that we can now look to the future and focus on the last eight races of the season together with Daniel and Lando, and then we can focus on next year,” he concluded.

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