FunWhy shouldn't roaches be squashed and why do they...

Why shouldn't roaches be squashed and why do they die on their backs?

Cockroaches are characterized as one of the most hated insects in the world. Just by mentioning the word or glimpsing the mere presence of one of them in the distance, many people feel a tremendous phobia towards this insect about which many things are known thanks to science.

These insects belong to the family of insects called Blattodea , placed in the same order as other unwanted insects: termites. It is known that they are great survivors since they adapt very well, and very quickly, to the environment in which they live, that is why cockroaches have always been.

In addition, if we add this adaptability together with their ability to reproduce rapidly, we find that they are one of the insects with the most capacity for life in existence.


There are few insects in the world that have the capacity for life that cockroaches have. They are usually present in temperate zones with a tropical climate especially. As a consequence of global commercial activities, they are now spread all over the world, although they are not all the same kind of cockroach.

There are three types: the common black cockroach, the American cockroach, and the blonde or German cockroach.

Although they are of different classes, they have the same physiognomy and are capable of withstanding months without water, two and three months without breath, or withstand a degree of radiation between six and fifteen times more than what a human being could withstand.

As if that were not enough, when we think they could be dead, cockroaches, due to their enormous adaptation, are capable of supporting up to two weeks living without a head.

Why should cockroaches not be stepped on?

Although normally, and almost as an instinctive movement, when we see a cockroach we tend to step on it to kill it, the truth is that it is not a good idea. When we step on a cockroach it may die but it could cause us an allergy when we breathe in its waste.

But this insect is so intelligent that it has adapted to the world in which it lives and they are able to play dead to scare off predators.

The best thing in any case is to use insecticides to kill them.

Why do they die face up?

The explanation is that, if they die from an insecticide attack, their nervous system makes them lie on their backs. Its legs contract and this causes it to tilt and turn.

But as we say, many have learned to play dead face up , and the only thing they hope is that the predator that attacks them leaves for them to go running.

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