SportF1Why will F1 review the rules after Baku qualifying?

Why will F1 review the rules after Baku qualifying?

The Haas team and its drivers, Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen, were called in to speak to race stewards on Saturday night in Baku due to a possible breach of current pitlane rules.

Article 34.8 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations states: “Any car driven to the end of the pit lane before the start or restart of a session must form a line in the fast lane and exit in the order in which it arrived unless another car is unduly delayed.

Magnussen and Schumacher ignored this rule and slipped into the middle of the pack after spending the entire waiting time outside the fast lane, instead of waiting for everyone who was there to pass.

However, after viewing video footage of what happened, the stewards decided that no further action should be taken as Haas was in a difficult position.

As all the cars left the garage very early, the American team’s pit wall was unable to know exactly where to line up.

Mick Schumacher, Haas F1 Team

The stewards said they “accept that the positioning of the Haas garage in the pitlane made it impossible, under the circumstances, for any of the team’s cars to line up in order within the fast lane, in view of the number of cars already they were there.”

“You can see that both cars started safely and furthermore it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the team to determine in what order they should go out on track, leaving aside the only option of starting behind all the cars. rivals”.

“This would mean that the teams that have the last garage would always have to start last, unless they decide to leave their garage much earlier.”

In response, the stewards recommended that the regulations be reviewed to try to help improve these doubts, especially as it is not the first time that the team at the back of the pitlane has been caught in such circumstances.

At the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix, Williams was also caught up in similar circumstances, and no action was taken on that occasion either.

Therefore, the subject of the pitlane rules will be raised at the next meeting between the sporting leaders of the category and the FIA, to analyze the problems and the possible adjustments that can be made in the regulations before they are presented to the FIA. Formula 1 Commission.

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