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Will MotoGP have a sprint race or a Superpole? The pilots say

Despite the fact that MotoGP tries to reinvent itself every season by evolving in terms of technology and entertainment, there is always room for more innovations and changes in the current regulations. That’s one of the reasons why Dorna , in collaboration with Motorsport Network and Nielsen Sport, has launched a global fan survey to gather opinions on a variety of topics.

One of them is the change in the programming of the grand prix with the introduction of a sprint race, as has already happened with Formula 1, or in the WSBK, who took the step to put on a show different from that of MotoGP, but the idea still does not have the unanimous support of the category.

The drivers want to continue with the separation between qualifying and the race , like the reigning world champion, Fabio Quartararo: “I think qualifying is good because it’s only a few laps and that binds us, it’s a mythical part of the weekend”.

“In qualifying you put yourself in the best place for the race, so I think a sprint is not a good idea,” said the Frenchman, before his point of view was disputed by his compatriot Johann Zarco.

The Pramac driver said that it could be “interesting”, but more for the show than for the pleasure of the drivers, who appreciate being able to improve as the laps go by: “The way we race is quite interesting compared to the Formula 1, we have 40-minute races instead of an hour and a half, and that keeps people a little more awake and attentive to the television.”

“That’s important, and a race of more than 30 minutes, why not?” Zarco wondered. “Depending on the weekend, after 40 minutes at the Sachsenring, there were already quite big differences between the drivers, so it can be boring for those who watch it on TV, but for a sportsman who gives all his energy, it can be interesting. work there to do everything possible to go faster,” he said.

Al de Pramac is not entirely convinced by the sprint race, but he is in favor of Superpole , a qualifying concept in which the driver rides alone on the track during a lap to set the time that will place him on the grid.

“It would be a great show to see, because it’s pure speed over one lap, without anyone’s help and without following any rider. It could be a good idea for MotoGP, better than a sprint race from my point of view,” he added.

Quartararo admitted that he likes the way things are currently, and he doesn’t want a change, especially in the distribution of points, which would be affected by a possible sprint race: “We don’t have those points, so the only thing I can say is that maybe we can put an extra point like in Formula 1 for the fastest lap, it can be fun, but qualifying is something different.

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