SportF1Wolff commits to Grosjean test with a Mercedes F1

Wolff commits to Grosjean test with a Mercedes F1

After Romain Grosjean’s spectacular accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes offered the Frenchman a test so that he could have a true farewell to Formula 1, since he could not be part of the grid in the last two races of the season and thus his last experience in a top-class car would not be that of the accident.

The original plan was for the test to take place at the 2021 French Grand Prix, Grosjean ‘s home event, but restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic forced plans to be delayed.

Rescheduling it hasn’t been an easy task either, as Grosjean has committed to racing in IndyCar full-time and F1 has very strict limits on testing during the same season.

The test seemed to have taken a backseat, but interest around it returned to the scene recently when Romain Grosjean publicly displayed the helmet he had already designed with that very day in mind.

After posting a video on YouTube in which he showed the collection of racing equipment he has at home, he took the helmet from the shelf with which he hopes to get on one of the Formula 1 world champion Mercedes .

“Everyone asks for a Mercedes test,” he said as he revealed the helmet that featured various sponsors of the German team. “Well, there’s the helmet. The test hasn’t been done yet, but we have a helmet ready for it…”

Asked about the latest news about the Mercedes test, Toto Wolff was categorical in stating that he had not forgotten, and made it clear that it will take place when the team and the driver can agree on a date in which both can meet comfortably.

“The test is going to be done for sure,” Wolff said. “We’ve committed to it. We’re looking at what we can do and what he can do. But it’s going to happen. When I give my word, I give my word.”


Earlier this year, Grosjean said Wolff was well aware the test was yet to be done, as messages were sent after the end of last year’s F1 season.

“I sent a message to Toto after Abu Dhabi,” Grosjean said. “I let a couple of weeks go by, and then I texted Toto, and he texted me back starting with ‘Thank you,’ and the last sentence was, ‘We have to get you in that car this year.

“Yeah, it’s still in the plans. Last year there were some things that didn’t make it easy. This year I can’t go to the French Grand Prix because we’re racing in Iowa on the same weekend.”

“But Mercedes definitely wants to do it and so do I, although my neck is going to die because I’ve lost some of the muscle that was there. You can ask Patricio O’Ward how it feels to drive an F1 car,” the Frenchman said. reference to the Mexican driver’s comment made after the postseason test in Abu Dhabi 2021.

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