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10 arthropod animal names

Arthropods are an animal group included within the invertebrates. These are characterized by having an exoskeleton made of chitin, the body divided into various segments and articulated appendages.

These invertebrates are the most diverse group in the world and, in fact, it is estimated that 80% of the animals are arthropods.

As we have advanced, there are numerous arthropods and they are divided into different types according to their characteristics. Here are some of the best known, ten arthropod names that help us define the different groups.


This group is characterized by having three pairs of legs in the thoracic area. Hexapods include insects and other groups such as Protura, springtails and Diplura.

Within this subphylum we find common species such as Culex pipiens , the most common mosquito in our country , whose females like to bite us on summer nights , or the house fly, Musca domestica .


The arthropods of this group have four pairs of legs, the head fused to the thorax, and the absence of antennae. Its name comes from the word chelicerae, which is the pair of mouth appendages that they use to eat or defend themselves. Arachnids are included in this group, where we find spiders and scorpions , as well as the peculiar group of xifosuros .

The xifosuros, as the species Limulus polyphemus or horseshoe crab, are an example of living fossil that preserved features about 475 million years ago, at which these animals first appear in the fossil record. Other individuals a little more common in the chelicerates subphylum are the violin spider, Loxosceles rufescens , one of the most dangerous in Spain, or the Euscorpius flavicaudis , a scorpion that we can find in our country and that has a bite similar to that of a Bee.


This group differs from the rest of arthropods by having five pairs of legs and although they also have their heads fused to the thorax, like chelicerates , they have two pairs of antennae. In this group we find animals popularly known as shellfish, such as crabs , lobsters or prawns . The most frequent species to be found in our dishes are the white prawn, Parapenaeus longirostris , and the Patagonian prawn , Pleoticus muelleri .


Lastly, we have the group with the most pairs of legs, these usually exceed six pairs, even having hundreds of limbs, like the famous centipedes and millipedes . Some can be lethal, like the giant scolopendra, Scolopendra gigantea , and others are completely harmless like the house centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata .


This particular group of arthropods, extinct at the end of the Triassic period, does not follow a classification by the number of legs. Trilobites were initially classified as crustaceans or even as the ancestor group of all arthropods, but today they are classified as an independent group within these. Almost 4,000 species of this group have been described, such as Profallotaspis jakutensis .


Although their diversity is the greatest among groups of animals, this does not mean that these groups of invertebrates do not have to be adequately protected. It is essential that we protect the arthropod ecosystem to preserve its ecological importance.

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