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10 tips for taking a ferret for a walk properly – Always on a leash

The ferret is a small mammal with a fun and playful character. Although it began to be domesticated at least 2,500 years ago, this species still has its hunting instinct and its exotic character. However, they have adapted to the company of humans and are considered to be domestic animals . They are a bit rascal and enjoy “stealing” everything they find around them.

As for their care, the ferret requires a cage large enough and decorated so that it can move calmly and be distracted. Hygiene will be essential, since you will spend much of your time there. In addition, it is the place where you will feel safe and secure. These animals do not need to go outside to relieve themselves, as with dogs. However, they require going outside for physical exercise and being active, be it running around the house or playing outside.

In the event that we do not have a terrace and we want to walk it down the street, we will have to be cautious. The ferret is a curious animal that enjoys eating, sniffing or smelling everything it finds, so we must always be on the alert. Likewise, we will avoid leaving the house if the temperature is too high , since ferrets are prone to heat stroke.

On the other hand, like any other pet, it will always have to be leashed and carry a chip . The animal will be much more protected against any danger and, in the event that it is lost or escapes, it will be much easier to recover it. In addition, although its use is not mandatory, it is advisable to place a muzzle to avoid putting anything on the floor in the mouth and to prevent possible attacks on people or animals.

Likewise, it will be better to walk in a quiet place , away from noise or the passage of people. Walking with our pet can become a fun habit that will make us enjoy good times, as long as it is done with enough caution.

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