Living11 things that improve fertility

11 things that improve fertility

Genetic grief: when we cannot be mothers with our own eggs

Grief is the reaction to a significant loss in our lives, whatever its type. When we speak, more specifically, of genetic grief, we speak of the emotional reaction of loss when we cannot have children with our own eggs (or sperm in the case of men).

The duel of non-maternity: the hard moment of accepting that you will not have...

Not all pregnancy searches end with a baby in your arms. Those women who, despite having tried to be mothers, finally have not been able to be, know it well.

Fatherless mice are born using only unfertilized eggs

A scientific milestone that represents a great step towards single-parent babies through fertility treatments.

Believing she wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, a mother finds out she's pregnant...

The stories of cryptic pregnancies - those in which the woman does not know she is pregnant until the moment of delivery - have always seemed impressive to me, and the one that we will share today is not only impressive, but it fills us with hope and wonder.

The first two weeks are key to the success of pregnancy

The first two weeks are critical for the success of the pregnancy, since, during those 14 days after ovulation, the embryo has to implant in the uterus, and any irregularity can cause implantation failure or the death of the embryo, even before the woman is aware of her early pregnancy. This is how the experts from the MARGen clinic in Granada explain it in an article published in the magazine Frontiers.