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Believing she wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, a mother finds out she's pregnant and gives birth at 34 weeks

The stories of cryptic pregnancies – those in which the woman does not know she is pregnant until the moment of delivery – have always seemed impressive to me, and the one that we will share today is not only impressive, but it fills us with hope and wonder.

After eight years of struggling with infertility issues and believing they could never have children naturally, a woman found out she was 34 weeks pregnant the same day she gave birth to her baby .

Shortly after getting married eight years ago, Nicci Garlic and her husband Kelsie received heartbreaking news: According to doctors, they would never be able to conceive children naturally , due to Nicci’s health complications related to her menstrual cycle, as well as well as other blood pressure problems.

Although they were told that there were possibilities of becoming parents through in vitro fertilization, the high costs of this type of fertility treatment were beyond the couple’s reach. This was something that got them very bummed out and for which Nicci needed therapy .

Five years later, Kelsie and Nicci decided to become foster parents or foster parents, and as of 2020 they are foster parents of two children, ages four and six, who came to transform their lives.

However, life would surprise them even more and in early February Nicci, who works as a special education teacher, called Kelsie to let her know that she had taken leave from work and needed to take her to the hospital because she was feeling very bad . ” We thought he had kidney stones or appendicitis ,” says Kelsie in an interview for Today Parents.

After dropping her off at the hospital, Kelsie went to pick up the boys to take them to their karate and basketball classes. While waiting with them in one of the classes, he got a call from Nicci . ” You won’t believe it, but I’m pregnant. And not only that, I’m 34 weeks pregnant ,” he recalls his wife saying.

While in the hospital, the doctors observed that Nicci had severe preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy that puts the life of the mother and baby at risk, for which it was necessary to perform an emergency caesarean section as soon as possible .

Fortunately all went well during the c-section and both Nicci and her baby, whom they named Charlie, are healthy and the family of five couldn’t be happier.

Because the birth of their baby took them by surprise and because Nicci is not on paid maternity leave (an important unresolved issue for America), Kelsie created a GoFundMe page telling her family’s story and where people who want to support them can make donations.

Regarding her two children, Kelsie tells Today that they have been assured that they are part of the family and the arrival of the baby will not change their family dynamics. Even if the children for some reason cannot return to their birth parents, Nicci and Kelsie plan to officially adopt them .

Photo | Kelsie Garlic and GoFundMe

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