You are finally expecting a baby: how to face a pregnancy after years of infertility

Statistics indicate that a high number of couples have difficulty conceiving; Specifically, it is estimated that almost 15% of men and women have fertility problems. However, despite this, little is said about it, and it remains a taboo subject in our society.

All my friends already have children and I can't get pregnant: how to manage these emotions?

If you find yourself in this situation, of wanting to get pregnant for a long time, and not being able to do so, due to infertility problems or other related causes, you have surely experienced very different emotions.

Genetic grief: when we cannot be mothers with our own eggs

Grief is the reaction to a significant loss in our lives, whatever its type. When we speak, more specifically, of genetic grief, we speak of the emotional reaction of loss when we cannot have children with our own eggs (or sperm in the case of men).

The duel of non-maternity: the hard moment of accepting that you will not have children

Not all pregnancy searches end with a baby in your arms. Those women who, despite having tried to be mothers, finally have not been able to be, know it well.

Believing she wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, a mother finds out she's pregnant and gives birth at 34 weeks

The stories of cryptic pregnancies - those in which the woman does not know she is pregnant until the moment of delivery - have always seemed impressive to me, and the one that we will share today is not only impressive, but it fills us with hope and wonder.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Asking A Woman If She Is Pregnant

Assuming that a woman is pregnant can be something that puts us in uncomfortable situations if it turns out, well ... that she is not. Perhaps because of this, some people choose to ask them directly if they are expecting a baby.

The nine reasons not to ask a couple when they will have children

Having children (or not having them) is a decision that corresponds solely to the couple. However, it can happen that both family and friends insist on asking when they will have children, without stopping to think before speaking.

Mother's love: at age 51 she gives birth to her granddaughter, thus fulfilling her daughter's dream of becoming a mother

Thanks to current fertility treatments, thousands of couples who had some difficulty conceiving are able to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. In some cases, the fight against infertility can only be won through a surrogate mother.


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